ProgrAnimals - Pose Control/Procedural Animation

This is an extension of the bge stuff I did for progranimation. This is just a quick demo of some of the creatures and walks you can create with this.

The script and tutorial is here:

Hope someone finds this interesting and/or useful. Seems like you could use these kinds of characters in a zombie game or something.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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That’s pretty insane. I like it a lot. I might use it.

@SolarLune - thanks, glad you liked it. Hope you check out the script, it can be fun to use.
I updated the script and here’s an updated video I did for it.

Wow, those are the most funny videos I’ve seen created in Blender. Your creatures really shows a lot of personality in their walkscycles. It seems like the 2. video shows that you have solved the feeling of some of the characters where hanging from a string. This is really great stuff. Looking forward to tinker with it.

It sort of reminds me of a good old Amiga game called Eco:

Eco is an evolution life simulation game developed by Denton Designs for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was released in 1988 and published by Ocean Software.
In this game, the player simulates an amoeba undergoing an evolution process. The player must find nutrition and food for the organism, protect it from predators, and find a mate. As the evolution progresses, the organism, through modification of genes, will evolve to higher life forms such as an insect or a fish.
If handled with skill, the organism will evolve to a human.

telredge those videos are really crazy, the files not that easy to setup but I’ll keep playing…
haven’t tried the update yet

tin2tin yep, some ‘evolution’ model would be cool too, -but maybe not that fun-
I remembered framsticks or ventrella’s great swimbots

@tin2tin - hadn’t heard of that game, sounds cool. I haven’t had a clear idea on how to use these things in a game, mostly I’m leaning towards using them more as animation tools but I’m open to anything. Also they’ll never be animation tools unless we get rigid body dynamics in the animation system. Still lots of fun to mess around in the game engine though.

@liero - yeah, it’s not a simple system to begin with and then I couldn’t find a concise way to handle all the params involved. The empties for stiff/damp is just nuts but I can’t think of anything else yet. let me know what problems you have and I’ll see if I can help

Oh wow, very nice.

I am starting to play around with this script and I am running into some problems. I am using Blender 2.59 r40426. It is very odd when I run the SETUP script with the variable set to 0 it fails to assign the timer offset property to only one leg…?

Try opening this BLEND file and running the SETUP script. Select leg THIGHfl and you will notice is has no properties. The script produces no errors, but the properties fail to assign?


25_ProgrAnimals-II-quad_setup_1b.blend (128 KB)