Hello and good day to all,

I’ve been doing blender for nearly a year now, and i have been trying to improve my skills within this time i keep on trying to compare my first ever serious attempt at a scene to my most recent pieces of work. But i can not tell if i have or haven’t made improvements so this is more of a critique towards how much my art work has came along in the pass year and if you can tell a huge difference or not. Most of the textures used in the the scenes are from (used to be known as cg textures) if any one has any questions or would love to help and i will reply as quickly as i can.

Thanks all

So this is the first ever serious attempt at a scene i did last December

This one i did in the beginning of April 2015

And then we have this lantern scene which was done at the end of September 2015

When i have a look at these i think that the gumball machine for April looks really good but i can never get another scene to look that good and realistic. And this is why i think i have not improved as it is a space of 5 month between April and Septembers scene and April still looks better and it does not look like i have improved what do you guys think i hope i have made sense if not just tell me.

Thanks again