(ScottishPig) #1

Or regression in this case. 3 NEW bloody COOL pics of my boat. Rendered in blender, modelled in blender. Posted on my site by the courtesy of … me.

Despite my ramblings, A few B&W pics to show off.

For all of you who don’t know… I’m into ships in a big way… this is going to be for a BIG LONG movie called ‘attack on titanic’ a great great film… uhmmm… no details that I’m willing to share yet.

At any rate, Comments on this pic are VERY WELL TAKEN. No such thing as a bad crit.

(sten) #2

I love pics made in b/W , cause it is more subtle feeling…better detail, like B/W photograph…higher detailscale…

it seems you come far in making beutiful ships…this is ineed one of them !!

(basse) #3

yah I like the b/w pictures aswell… add the grainy (film) effect to them to make it perfect…


(dreamsgate) #4

black & white is perfect for images like your ships. They look great!

(digitalSlav) #5

damn piggy!


little shadow artifact in the last one though

(ScottishPig) #6


(kerosene) #7

b&w is cool!
a backgrond and “worse” quality would be very effective :slight_smile:

(YAYA) #8

Well, well, well, I got a problem, last time, when I saw rix66’s car; I began to model a car(downtown-roadster) that is not finished yet.
And now, Scottishpig give me to see great pictures of boats.
Please, let me finish my works before showing me such good stuff :smiley:

Really good job!! hold on

(ScottishPig) #9

YAYA- Your downtown racer thing is coming along nicely-- and this’ll not be my last ship. There’s no rush.

Kerosene: You’re right, but at the time, I want to make it look good so people can give me some honest criticism before I go lousing up the quality to make it look “authentic”

(S68) #10


Nice ship,

why don’t you set AutoSmooth cannon wheels?


(LohnS) #11

Man that is some sweet modellin there =D. I love your attention to the compisition. Gives a final dramatic look, like the ships off on a HUGE journey. Well done.

(blengine) #12

great pics, the top one has an extremely stylish look to it! black and white rocks and in most cases, adds a nice photograph touch =)

(wavk) #13

Black & White is great to look at! Try adding depth of field!

Have fun,


(upgrdman) #14


ok piggy…

i replied, so hopefully a burning icons will appear next to your post :wink:

great job though. c ya later

–farrell farahbod (upgrdman)

(ScottishPig) #15

upgrdman: lol. :wink:

Thanks for all the comments, I still expect some more… (the strays)…

About the wheels, smoothing would be a good idea… the shadows aren’t so good, but after the first pic I fixed that up a little bit. Expect an update tomorrow. Site going down in 2 hours. (Have to conserve energy from 11PM to 7AM US EST)

(ScottishPig) #16

Oh welll… server’s back up. Comments apreciated on the above pics.

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(sten) #18

that is so cool and nice pic…but it lacks a scenery !!

it would be very beutiful if you would add some enviroment…

da man !! :smiley: