Here is my most recent animation/deformation and lift system, still need to integrate the property editing system system, and add a property to each item that is its’ width so the hands grab in the right spot, while lifting, and then I need to add in the 60 frame walk/run and turn back up etc

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Thanks monster :slight_smile:

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Hahaha! funny run, is it using procedural animation?

It’s a 8 frame ik target motion, I am going to change it to a 60 frame like the lift etc, so it is very 8-bit looking :slight_smile:

but yes it is real time animation, based on ik targets that are rigid bodies,

currently the system uses movement not forces or servo motions, but I may investigate it, in order to have a actual physical movment system, that does not use apply force, but instead friction etc, like my lizard rig,

hey blueprintrandom :slight_smile: maybe you should get a screen recorder? perhaps Camtasia ?

Yar, I am using a HD camera @ the moment, and I have a decent GPU, but have not investigated it, (and it may have a hard time with audio? or do you just have to have a Com port adress etc for a Mic?

That is VERY COOL,
your game is a more advanced version of my game…

my game is all about the “pieces” of making things, (so I can say motor is responding @ X frequency) on a motor, and then assign X frequency to a “button” and pressing the button will turn that motor on!!

your game needs my game + a “real time in game animation editior”
I have a real time Ik rigid body rag doll, that could accept that type of input
another thing you need is subtract editing that adds up to a “whittling” system as well,
the biggest issue I see here is a algorithm to recognize a shape as a tool, like if I make a hinge and a deadbolt, you can’t open it without doing X damage to boards or hinge or whatever, without a pre-designed door,

Torque based Walk cycle complete stairs and all (now that I think about it… need to add reverse…)

Now grab, edit, and move are done,
On to components!!