Progressive collaborator (s) wanted to create Indie music video - credits, splits

Hi all, first time here so…

I’m a Progressive indie music producer looking for a like minded Blender creative(s)
for collaboration on the music video of a song that confronts the status quo.

No up front payment, but collaborators will be listed for credits and splits with the relevant video royalty collection agents.

I’ve got the ideas and the will,
You’ve got the skill,
From my head to the real, let’s make it…

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Hey, I might be able to help you out. I’m not the most experienced but I’ve been needing a project to keep me busy.
Contact me through discord or something and I’ll see if I can give you a hand.
discord user:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your interest.

Sorry for the brief delay getting back to you,

I am just back from a few days away (love the cheap off season last minute deals)

I think that the ideas I have are punchy but pretty straight forward,

so I hope that you can get on board with getting them together and putting them out there.

My email is [email protected].