Progressive Group Blend Project?

Hey everyone. I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Scott. I have been playing around with blender for about 10 Years now, I only recently was able to actually start making some real stuff, being as how i havent been able to blend in a very long time… Life takes over and chooses your paths some times wether you are ready to deal with them or not. But at any rate, i have gotten back into blender. I have an idea… I dont know how to even start it or even if anyone would be down to join me on this Interesting Idea… But here goes. I want to create a Blend file. I want to add Up to 3, no more than 5 Objects to the scene… save the blend file, and pass it on to someone else. They in turn will add their up to 3 no more than 5 things to the blend scene, Open Source of course, No specific Theme or anything, I just would like to see what it looks like when a bunch of artists come together to create an abstract piece of art that they all can be a part of together. It would be like Tagging up a train… Nobody ever really destroys others works, but they paint around them in order to add their own touch to it… But in our world we can move things and stuff… Idk, it was just an idea, and if anyone thinks its a fun one, let me know. And im down to start doing this. Kinda getting into blender and actually learning, and i think this would be a great way to see how others do things, and to learn from setups and things like that together in a huge group project… :slight_smile: If anyone has an idea or suggestion… or if you just think im dumb… :slight_smile: Be free to let me know. haha Thanks again my Artists of Blender.

If you are looking at models other people did there are lots of them freely available (CC0, CCBY and CCBYNC) on the internet, for example at

No, i want a project that we pass around and have people add their own stuff to it. like… a Giant Blender Colage…? idk…

Nice Idea, maybe like a “Where is Walter?” collage.

You should think about more restrictions than just number of object.
If a sculptor is involved and let a mesh of several millions of poly in the file or a 8k texture, the cycle will quickly ended up.

Reddit has “pass the blend” and “blender tennis”. (I’ve messed around with both on occasion.) So it’s not like this idea is entirely new. But I guess the problem is people sometimes take off and start doing their own things, etc.

And zeauro has a good point too. Scope of such projects tends to be that of the person with the most basic hardware. Depending on who does what, that ceiling could be exceeded and cause some people to drop out.