Progressive order of frame rendering?

Can the frames of an animation be rendered in progressive order? Like, render the middle frame first. Then render the frames in the middle of the two remaining gaps. Then the frames in the four remaining gaps, etc… So, if you had seven frames, render them in the order:

4 2 5 1 6 3 7

(Then it would be neat if blender’s playback capabilities could read the frame numbers, and temporally space the frames appropriately. But it would still be very helpful to me without that.)

I dunno that it can. But I do know that you can rename the files with the order you want them to play in. Plenty of utilities out there for that should you not find a Blender rendering specific method.
Then, with blenders video capabilities, or some other app, stitch it all back together. Heck, on that, you could just load them in the order to play, do your timing as needed and render out your movie. Lots of time saved.

I wish there was a string support to state which frames to render. I often have to do stuff like re-render “frames” 3-5, 8, 12-15 as those contain the updated object. So in this case only 8 frames instead of 12 (3-15). And I want to see it on screen to monitor progress and abort if something went awry, so not by using command line.

I’m using the command line, so I guess I could do it manually, but it would be annoying for a 1600 frame loop. Maybe I’ll write a script to generate that command line.