progressive texture

Hello all

Sorry for my english

I try to make a texture appear gradually

Plane transparency
texture alpha=on

Frame 1 = alpha 0
Frame 10 = alpha 1000

but animation not work

i try with fake user but not work.

the alpha channel up and down but the texture does not change

My blend


Are you using a alpha map? because if it is set to alpha 1.0 - it will negate any materials alpha setting, animate that instead from 0 to 1,

Also is it halo? is it uv mapped? BGE ALPHA is different then Render Alpha

hum no halo and no uv mapped, just plane and texture

@tales - I believe you need to make sure you have color keys in addition to alpha value keys for material color / transparency animation to work. Monster made a post on this subject recently - it shouldn’t be hard to find. It was in the Resources section.

sorry but not work

new try blend