Progressive transparent texture


I am trying to do the following. I have one object which is decorated with its own wireframe object (new 2.70 modifier).

I would like that the wireframe objects becomes transparent as you move up towards the top of the object.

I have used a simple mix shader between a Diffuse shader (or whatever I will replace it with, it being the texture of the wireframe) and a Transparent shader.

Then I was hoping to connect a Gradient texture or a color ramp to the factor of my mix shader to achieve the progressibely transparent effet.

The color ramp could have been ideal since I could precisely setup were the opaque to transparent applies…

The the texture could be rotated somehow to align bottom up…

Anyways this was the plan but I can not achieve the desired effect. Any tip please ?


Have a look at this, i think that could be what you’re looking for.z mapping example.blend (438 KB)

Yes exactly, except that one Diffuse gets replaced by a transparency shader…

Merci pour ton aide Gwenouille

By the way just for my education why does it only work on the Blue chanel after the separateRDB node ?