proiblem finding the blender files after i saved them.

its okay to open the blender file in blender again… but when i do a search around in windoze vista i don’t find them anymore… not even the rendered picture i find again… what is this… is it blender or windows fault… never had this issue before… but then again i was using linux. Do i have to go back to linux again and start this projct all over or something like that?

Have you tried searching for *.blend ? When you do a “save as” from within blender you should be able to specify the path to your file(s). I just created a folder called projects within the blender directory and put my work there. In user preferences you can set the file path for output files and such. I do not use vista though.

There is always the recent files option under the save and load.

Well even the search function in windows aint getting any thing here. When i installed blender i did not spesify path. I just let the blender get installed as usual. But when i saves the project, I am saving it in a specified path. Blenders file manager do find the files that i save. Both picture and the .blend file. But windows file manager don’t find one. I have a folder that is named blender bilder where i save the renderings. But windows tells me that this folder is empty. And blender tells me that there is pictures there.

Windows Vista can’t handle Blender’s files for some reason. This is a common problem on the forums, I guess its another reason to fear/loathe Vista. Just wondering, where are you saving them to?

Also, there is some limitation with using the installer, but I’m not sure what (I think that if you take the default settings in Vista, it installs the Application Data to a bad place that makes it difficult down the line).

So that means it wont save at all? Thats weird… cause when i start up blender i can load the project i was doing and continue with that… I gonna try and save on a memory stick and fire up the linux.

Try using Agent ransack
They say it works for vista although I would not know. I do know it works quite well for XP. It is an alternative for windows explorer and much more flexible. It is fast, and it is free.

is really useful for me, I am glad to read it here.