Project 11 - 3D artists NEEDED!!!

Project 11
beat 'em up mmo
recruiting: Modellers & animators

Hello blender artists!

My name is Nick and I am the project manager for “Project 11.” Project 11 is the working title of our project, and not the final products name. I am not at liberty to discuss many details of the project itself. I will release more detailed information to interested individuals.

Currently Project 11 is made up of 7 members, 6 of which are programmers and 1 web designer. We are currently looking to recruit no more than 3 individuals to add to our ranks. We are looking for individuals that can create character models and are familar with .FBX format as well as animators. Experience with doing textures is a definite plus! We are going to be utilizing the Unity 3D gaming engine which utilizes FBX format. Furthermore, we are looking to invest in a motion capture system to help cut down time on animations, the software we will be using also outputs to FBX format.

Various models that we will need include buildings and background props, small items, and characters of various types.

If you are interested please PM me with your email address. I will also be checking back on this thread semi-regularly.

Thank you for your time,

Just a quick little note with some food for thought…

This project is just the first of many that we will be creating. We are currently in the midst of obtaining an LLC, and getting investors. After we have this project launched live we will then start opening up our doors to more recruiting efforts to produce more games. Currently we are in a position where we have access to getting a lot of programmers involved, but unfortunately no modellers.

im your guy, im a weapons/prop modeller and i have moderate animating experience, i can also texture my own props so yea

like to hear from you soon


Thank you for expressing interest in this project. I will send you a PM momentarily

alright cool

We still have room for 1 more 3-D artist, preferrably with experience in modeling buildings and environmental props.

In the future we may be able to open up positions for more modellers as well. I will post when we have a decision on that regard.

hey i can cover those buildings i made a city map full of buildings

Just an update for any observant eyes:

We do still have room in our group for another 3D artist or two. Prefferable with animation skills and/or texturing skills.

This is not currently a paying gig if that is what you are wondering, but we do intend on making a pretty penny or two off of this project, the profits of which will be shared fairly amongst all participants in the group.

Still looking for a couple more artists to join our team. We have a very strong programming team put together currently another couple 3D artists would greatly help really bring this project together.

Thanks for your time!

Well if you need modeler i could help with something or even join the project…
if you want PM me and i will send you some of my works for showcase…

btw ty for ur response :slight_smile:

no problem! thanks for expressing interest!

We are still looking for a character modeller if anyone else is interested.