Project 2020: Half-million dollar concept designed in Blender

Wow im so curious how that body shape will turn out. making it look like one piece and as smooth as the renders… dang thats tough i guess.

this sound like you got quite some confidence. Are you experienced with real road-ready car designing and manufacturing, really forces, is that all gonna be measure with MeshLab?

I don’t want to design average cars for the average person. I’m in the business of dreaming up extraordinary movements for extraordinary people.

But that logo with the 3 circles, dont you think audi is gonna dislike this? feels kinda simular. I like it, but it looks a lot alike


LRosario, I seriously admire your technical skills and love your creative vision.
Thanks for sharing this adventure, it’s quite inspirational for a newbie to the 3D CG world.

Is there a reason you chose a combustion engine rather than go full electric?

Electric drive systems can open opportunities for new exterior design ideas, not only visual appearance but potentially improving aerodynamics, air friction coefficients, mechanical construction complexity and performance, as there is no need for complex air intake and exhaust designs and drive-train systems.
Plus, the acceleration of electric cars are insane, electric motors have a square torque curve, generating maximum torque from zero RPM.

Although, I have no idea of the weight difference or cost difference between your chosen engine-gearbox-diff-fuel storage and that of a battery pack-electronics-electric motor on each wheel.

Going full electric drive on version 2.0 would raise this concept to the next level :nerd_face:

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Danhg those rims looks sexy AF!!!

Someone has a shitload of money :slight_smile: the car reminds me of some other concept car… pffff cant remember the name. The form and shape feel familiar. Sweet renders

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“This will be a statement car” - It certainly will be. Great work! Beautiful lines.

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The design looks sexy as hell, great job! But like Rombout above, I cringed a little when I saw the logo. That may cause you trouble with Audi.

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We also faced such situation. Blender is nice for organic modeling
and we constantly trying to expand its mulipurpose abilities.
Here are some interesting topics about NURBS, by the way.

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Oh wow! You made my week Bart. Honored. Thanks brother!

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I’ll add this to my reading library.

Thanks rombout.

You bring up a great point about the rings. Honestly it’s a big question mark for now. Since we haven’t gone fully public yet, we haven’t brought legal in just yet. They could argue that it’s not close enough to be confused with Audi since they don’t have a monopoly on ring logos or in the opposite, that it’s too close an association to audi logo and cause market confusion.

My instinct is telling me that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue since there are plenty of logos with rings (the Olympics for example), and we don’t occupy the same type of market value Audi does. Of course I could be wrong and will find out once we go to legal :slight_smile: it’s a valid point.

Sliver orb,

Thanks man! Great feedback. Honestly, the original concept was a fully electric idea and I still want it to be.

However the builder who approached me about this specializes in traditional combustion engines, so it took him a few weeks to convince me to “let’s just start this traditional, and if we can build a big buzz and get the additional investment, we can get crazier”.

I honestly am more of a “Tesla” thinker in that I want to see good looking electric designs. It’s only logical that’s where things are going. It even makes design that much easier since it occupies less space than a traditional motor. On an independent level, at least from how I understand right now, the cost is still very limiting per capita as it’s still an emerging trend. Meaning all fully electric, with electric dials and fully digital readout (like I want). All that would definitely blow up the costs quite a bit.

However the builder works for a really hi end custom shop and he sees investors drop millions on this stuff without blinking all the time. Who knows what’s next. I’m already working on tie next design for that reason.


Thanks by the way! The builder is actually funding this out of his own pocket to start. And he says half a million is still a “shoe string budget”!

Which after I learned more about the process, it really isn’t a lot of money! Crazy stuff

Right. I guess we will see what happens closer to release. If the lawyer clears it. Good.

If not I have backup logos ready to go. Blendersrtists seems to be a good testing place

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My first thought on seeing this on the feature row was that someone very talented just designed a very futurist cool cgi concept car and that this is where this would end, but oh boy was I wrong! You are actually building this for real, insane! :metal:t6:

The mechanical engineer in me is very, very jealous. Good luck to you and the rest of the team.

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What an incredible project to undertake and to do it well. Really appreciate how you were able to share some of those steps. Loved reading about this and seeing the incredible renders. You have a great team!

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Pretty fun project.

I always like seeing Blender being used in stead of Alias.

While I know class-A surfacing I just hate the busy work aspect of it.
Alias now also has build in Pixar sub-D that converts sub-D to NURBS on the fly.

Out of curiosity, even while this is going to be a show car, why did you not decide to use the new Alias version?

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Great Job!!!

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Trust me I went through that for the first few months. Even now that im used to it and I’ve been focused on working through the problems, I still go, “yeah this is pretty cool.”

Just a lucky dude to have someone crazy enough to invest into my design.

thanks! Yeah this is definitely not a single person effort. I’m learning new stuff everyday about fabrication.

To be honest it’s more of a time thing. Even though it’s a pretty major project, I still do alot of other design work. I’ve been using Blender and Solidworks so much more in most of my jobs that I’m pretty rusty on Alias.

So it became a time constraint and a creative constraint. However, the plan is if this thing does take off and we get the investors we are hoping for from displaying this concept, I would restructure the design studio to focus on Alias and make the investment to add another dedicated Alias designer to get me back up to speed.

I’d still have the final say as the lead designer on projects, but I acknowledge the need of having a fast and skilled Alias modeler if designing cars becomes a full time job. I consider this the “garage” stage of the company :slight_smile:

Blender just has excelled so much in this situation where speed and creatively go hand in hand. Even if i still have to fight against some of the Blender shortcomings.

I’ll have to check out that Pixar converter. Does Autodesk have a trial version of the new Alias?

Thanks Anderson!