Project a pattern

Hi Blenderers :slight_smile:

I would like to create a light source in my scene that duplicates the effect of a projector.
The projected image will be mainly static. The projector should have 57 degrees width and 42 degrees height in terms of its field of view. How can I do this?

The reason I need to do this is in order to simulate projecting a pattern onto a face that is moving so that I dont need to have an actual projector and a real person to do my research!

Spotlights can be given a Texture that will project. The projected image will not take on the aspect ratio of the source texture, but you can adjust that in the texture specs, under Mapping>Size. Use the Square option in the Lamp>Spot specs. Depending on your usage, it may be necessary to prep your imagery to fit in a square with black “framing,” as the part of the Lamp’s projected area not covered by the resized image will project in the Lamp color (probably white. Under Image Mapping, use the Clip option.

@chipmasque Thanks for your input. I think Ive managed to do what I intended.
I added an object material with a uniform color. Changed its shading to fresnel. Removed all specular components.
The file is attached for anyone who needs a starting point for structured light simulation in blender (and for myself if I get lost again:) ) (788 KB)

To see it in action press render (F12).