project a rectangle on a cylinder

I created some wine bottles and I want to stick a label. I created the bottles by extruding a polygon and using subsurfs to make it round. I could think of 2 ways to create a label, one is creating a rectangle and pasting it over the bottle (left) and one is cutting a section of the duplicated bottle (right). The duplicated bottle fits the form of the bottle, but has rounded edges. The rectangle has straight edges, but does not look like it is sticking on the bottle.

Is there an easy way to make this look more like a label on a bottle?


If you subdivide it enough, you can use retopo to get it to “stick” to the bottle.

Alternatively you could texture it on as well with either UV mapping or object based decaling (controlling the location of the texture using an empty).

I’m guessing the duplicated label has a subsurf modifier. crease (shift + e) the outmost edges of the rectangle to get rid of the rounded corners.

That did what I wanted, thank you indeed!