Project: Alien Chaot (animation)

No concept,
no Bullshites (debatable),
no clue where this will end.

UPDATE: 21/04/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
…yesterday Gary left soaked tissue on table… felt hungry, so I ate tissue… Gary came back complaining… ate Gary… hmmmm yum yum:

UPDATE: 14/04/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
A test run of the intro chapter, thing:
scroll down if you want to see that stuff, or not

UPDATE: 09/04/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
A test run of the intro chapter, thing:
removed… You can find it on the FB page, if you are curious.

UPDATE: 05/04/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)
With all the Resident Evil going on these days and my Upholstery Shop being closed down, might as well toss more weird stuff out into world.
.,. so I think I am just going to do a crappy animation movie, that is a bit ALIENS like and has some Cowboy Bebop elements to it , what the heck.

CREDIT goes to:

Space Ship by
CGPitBull @ TurboSquid

Space Panels (floor and ceiling) modeled by
Oleg Ushenok

Cables, monitors, adjustable brace thing and the edited CryoTube modeled by
Vitaly Bulgarov

Some vents stuck to the CryoTube, by a guy from TurboSquid (I’ve purchased that in 2017 but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore… If you happen to recognize your stuff, drop me a line, thanks!)

common sneaker shoes by
fahjung - TurboSquid

some animations (the good looking ones) by:
Adobe’s Mixamo Library

Space Star Background by (no kidding… whoever made it is not credited on their website)

All textures for the kitbash stuff and characters (models (including the round hatch thing/door and textures and animation and audio editing) by

audio related stuff:
kelseypainter - Cyrl’s voice (
electriccafe - Zewo’s voice (
CoGunAudio - Jazz music for scene 046 and scene 044 (

other sfx (
StudioFantasy - Inhale and Exhale
Fishermann - Paper Bag Explosion
vujaga - Paper Bag inflating

NOTE: No animals were harmed when making this stuff and everything is paid for documented and credited.

the current cover:

Need a follower? Let’s shake hands:

Wanna see more of this?


this looks amazing, Well done - -

I say thank you : )

A crappy 3rd video tossed into the mix…
The …Thing is coming along

Started some texturing…

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Decided to call it Nepturian… (Alien… Humanoid… Thing…)
Some more stuff… in Episode 06:

It’s got eyes now…

So Stage 1 is completed (I put a stage 1 render in the first post)… did a few changes to the eyeballs… basically adding a glossy shader and changed the iris’s SSS value… looks much more better now.

Stage 2 will be:

  • more details to the texture
  • changes to the rig… inverse kinematics
  • facial rigging.
  • short animation of the whole package

Character in action (well … a little bit of action, haha)

another frame from the animation:

another frame of the animation movie:

Added some screenies of the generic space stuff chapter:

Intro Chapter
Full On Sci-Fi Cliche…

  • there is no sound (credit for this goes to empty bank account)
  • crappy animation (one might get away with this as “no gravity!”… magnetic floor?

a test run with audio

Full dynamics test

credit for the shoes goes to “fahjung” to be found at TurboSquid

credit for the sneakers goes to “fahjung” to be found at TurboSquid