Project all - function from Zbrush

Hi folks!
Im looking for a tool/addon that can project all faces from the low-poly to high-poly mesh similar to "project all " function in Zbrush. In the moment i have to activate snapping, select face by face and slightly move them to snap on high poly.

My lowpoly is slightly above the surface and just need to snap to the nearest point on the high poly.

Anybody knows a good solution/addon for this? Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much for the info! Yes i know the Shrinkwrap, it’s kind of doing this, but
It requires to have high poly as combined mesh for the “target” and i want to keep my highpoly as separated objects with its own set of modifiers.

Would be nice to not have to convert my highpoly+mods and combine into one object, create modifier, set target etc…

Would be nice to have something like select lowpoly, select highpoly press “project all” and that’s it, without to deal with modifiers…
And select a part of a low poly in edit mode, press “project” and it should snapp only selected part and not everything like shrinkwrap does.

I can remember i have found something in one of the sculpting addons i bought in the past, but i forgot the name of this addon and lost this over the time.

Not true. In fact they need to be separate objects to be able to project one from another.

Sorry , i mean my highpoly is made out of separated objects. My lowpoly is one object. Seems like shrinkwrap can add only one highpoly object as “target” and not multiple. What if i have 50 high poly objects and one lowpoly. I have to combine all my highpoly to one object to add as a target. That is what i like to avoid…

There are couple ways to do it, in fact I sometimes need to do that. However it is a bit involved since you need to use Animation Nodes or Sverchok to merge the meshes on the fly. 2.92 (in alpha now which you can download ) has a new geometry nodes system which you can use for the same affect.

I still like the Animation Nodes path since I can just merge all the objects under a collection as the shrinkwrap target. The geometry nodes does not support collections as of now. Maybe they will implement that in the future.

Ah ok, nice. I have to try this! That would solve the target problem! Thanks!

Yes you still need to use the shrinkwrap modifier, the methods I outlined above is for merging meshes into one on the fly. Basically you do not merge your originals, the node setup will do it for you in a non-destructive way.

But some way around shrinkwrap would be also very useful. For example just to snap only selected faces (low poly) to the highpoly.

The reason is sometimes i have a bit adjusted lowpoly because of polylimit for the project. For example i have some very small holes on the highpoly and not enough polygon budget left to describe them with lowpoly. In this region lowpoly should completely ignore highpoly.
If using zbrush project all i have the same artefacts, but i can fix it once and mask black afterwards, so if i edit lowpoly in other areas it will not be projected next time i hit “project all” button. If using shrinkwrap i will need to fix this areas again and again once i touch lowpoly.
So something like semi-auto way would be perfect. For example select only the region(faces) you want to project in edit poly, hit “project” and left the rest untouched. But it’s a bit more as i was asking at the beginning :slight_smile: Here some example what i mean with lowpoly-highpoly problem: