Project Anarchy: Demo For A Publisher {Realistic 3D Modelers Wanted/3D Animators-Riggers Wanted}

Project Name: Anarchy
Studio: Slade Studios
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platforms: PC & Xbox One/Play Station 4

Hello! “Anarchy” is a near future first person story oriented shooter, with the feel of an open first person shooter, and abandoning the industry standard “3 Lane” approach, giving it the feel of the shooters of the early to mid 2000’s with the graphics, and quality of the game of today. While being a near future game, we have decided not to include the use of so called “Advanced Movement” and a game to have open field combat, using ground-breaking vehicular weaponry to create a fast pace, but tactical shooter.

Creation of the demo is for Focus Home Interactive, whom we have been working closely with, and are currently in talks with their respective staff members.

Unfortunately, some of our developers had to exit the project, so we are turning to Freelance Developers, or Established Developers, who are willing to take the risk, work hard, at the chance of the game becoming fully funded.

Game Modes:

-Spec Ops: 6v6v6 Multiplayer, including cutscenes, and missions where the player can play the classic game First Person Shooter modes, including, Capture the Flag, Domination, And Team Deathmatch as well as dive into a unique range of missions in which players can play from all viewpoints, against one another, using a wide range of paths to choose a way to strike the opposition.

-War Mode is an Titanfall/Battlefield inspired mode, with a story based unique twist, which combines infantry, with tanks, jets, and helicopters as a unique range of options to play through the true experience that the soldier would in a way that only could be described as being in the action, and not on a couch.

-Our Campaign is an insight on the horrors of war, showing that not everything ends up well, and very rarely does good take precedence over evil, even when the “Good” is exposed as a disguise, and War will bring out the worst in human beings.
[Plot Partially Developed, More Details Upon Hiring]

Who We Need:

Please Contact Us At: [email protected]
Or Over On Discord Through A PM @ SoySauceSH#3740!
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Slade Studios

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