Project: AntColony (KI simulation)

Good evening everyone :wink:

for a school project i’m trying to write a KI simulation of an AntColony. For the visualization (and the hole logical stuff) I’ve decided to use DirectX and C++ :slight_smile: (in my opinion the most powerfull combination and i’m realy good in it). And because this solution i’ve started to work with blender (waht’s really funny(despide the fact that my mouse wheel has been broken after a week xD)). My insects (up to now: The ant, The foe).

I’m really satisfied with my work (I began working with blender just two weeks ago). But I’ve still a few problems, and I hope you’ll be abel to help/support me :).

At look at my Ant i have the problem that if i export it to directX the moddel is only rendert black. no lighning … im realy confused about it and i asked a lot of people but know one knows an answer …

About the Ants foe the “bug” im realy happy.
He raise up to the next step in progress … I’m actualy try to texture it and to animate it. But at this point I have a question. If I animate it with blender and export it to DX can i call the animations paths in DX or have I to do it with an other programm (3d Max or maya) …

I would be delighted to if someone could help me :slight_smile:

best regards Heurazio

ps: DL link for Ant.Blend (because its to large for the forum)


bug_v3.blend (241 KB)