A new FPS I’m making sort of a marathon remake I’m doing there are still some open spots so If you want to help just go to team projects and you’ll see it I’ve included the base setup for the game in a file…


FPSactiongame_V2.5.blend (230 KB)

why is there two posts for this project? shouldn’t there be just one?
cause you’re working on it. but it’s a team project. then it shouldn’t be here.
or am i wrong?
double posting is stupid in my opinion. you’re trying to get people interested aren’t you? if people want to work on a team project then they’ll be checking the team projects forum. if they like your project they’ll reply.
that’s it.

screen shots?

Do you mind if i make some changes to this, cause somethings weren’t quite right.:yes:


FPSactiongame_V2.5.blend (209 KB)

nice hello