Project Aqua

Hey everyone. For those of you who don’t know me (which is just about everyone), I’m Ernest Liu, Art Director for Project Aqua.

What is Project Aqua? In short, it is a full-fledged RPG for Mac, PC, and Linux. The story takes place in the far future, where a few nanotech-enhanced elites rule over all mankind. Technology meets magic in an intense battle on a lonely blue gaseous planet, orbited by the fragments of a dead moon.

Our script writer has the first chapter written out into scenes with dialogue. Included are the outlines for five major cinematics, which will be created and animated in 3D.

We invite any of you talented 3D artists out there to join us! We will need people to create cars, buildings, magic effects, characters, and most importantly, animation for cinematics. The game will be built upon a 2D graphics engine with pre-rendered 3D art. We want both the in-game art and cinematics to be as spectacular as possible. I’ve seen some VERY talented artists here at Elysiun. In fact, you may know our most talented 3D artist, who roams around this forum as Solocreator. He’s already created an Observatory Lab and the Quazi Nova.

You don’t have to make any decisions now, but if you are at all interested, I strongly urge you to download the Starter Package below and take a look. Should you feel that you would like to join the team after looking at the package, please send me some examples of your work. We’ll be interested to see what crew we can gather to join our growing team (currently 20+ members strong).

PS: If you are interested in the quality and possibly style we’re looking for for the cinematics, check out the following links. They’re taken from Final Fantasy 7, a game with art quality we’ll do our best to match or surpass.

Example 1: Barret in a Church
Example 2: Yuffie on Cliff Edge
Example 3: Cloud on Motorcycle

This seems like an interesting project (in fact, I’m kinda writing the story/script for an RPG myself). I’ve always wondered how to go about doing the 3D-on-2D game style (a la FF7).

The banner won me over! This sounds like a very fascinating and fun idea for a game so i’ll help out as much as possible! I can’t give you any for sures as I am very busy with many different community websites and what not but if you would like I can make a website for you to match with the wonderful banner - along with a chat room and forum if desired!

What have i ever done? My gallery is at which shows only my images however i have used many game engines including the Blender Game Engine and am the Game Administrator at BlenderMan.

Am i familiar with 2D and 3D? I have been drawing since I was really young and have done everything from BASIC games to A6 and Python! I design websites and so I think mostly in 2D as far as layout and i’ve made several games (although i’ve never completely finished any of them) which were rpg, fps, and scrolling and all were modelled in Blender!

What can i model? What can’t i model would be a better question - now i’m not the best but i can make just about anything!

I would like most to make a website for your group so if you have a host and would like some help let me know - if you don’t have a host i can look into getting you one that can have php on it!

I’ll recommend some users who are pretty good with games and modelling:

SoloCreator (obviously)
Friedbrain (blender game wizard!)
Four Mad Men (he can model anything!)

(there are others but those are the ones that really really stand out!)

Good luck and keep me informed on this project - looks like it will be good! :slight_smile:

Daniel (Prince)
RFXS and BlenderMan Admin

EDIT: Just saw your website - it’s good so why mess with it! You might want to link to your project site outside of your signature…took me a sec to find it!

Thank you for the comments Prince! Yes, we already have a forum, and its nearly done (Designing an entire forum with graphics does take a while… and I need to fix it somehow so everything shows up correctly on Internet Explorer… which can’t interpret CSS correctly…)

Anyways, in the past I have looked at your website. To be truthful, I was about to ask you to join, but didn’t think a person with your talent would be interested in helping out. Sounds like I was wrong!

Its okay if you’re busy, we all are. As long as you don’t go slacking off for a year and expect us to put you in the credits, you should be well off ;).

Here’s what I best suggest. Get to know the first chapter of the story very well, including the cinematics. The story is straight out AMAZING (our talented writer rocks), so you can read the old draft of the story on our website as shown in the Read Me file you downloaded.

So what are you interested in helping out with? In-Game art is very important, since people will see it a lot, so it needs to be top notch. Same with cinematics, and imagine building an entire city and having the player in awe when the camera zooms through the city… or anything to that effect.

Anyways, again, I’m glad you’re interested. Since I’ve already got Solocreator on our team, I’ll see if the others are interested… or direct them to this thread. Take care!

Have you ever tried using Sodipodi for your 2d images? It would be heaps easier than doing traditional Pixel Computer art

btw don’t use midis use something like Madtracker, they’re about the quality of Mp3 but is read like a midi (basically) they’re about 1 meg for a song, For example the Jazz Jackrabbit songs

Thank you for you flattery but I’m sure you wouldn’t need me with SoloCreator on your team also I just sent you a PM on why I unfortunately don’t have time to participate in this incredible project - best wishes all around though! :wink:

daniel (prince)

Thanks Prince for your kind comments and for suggesting me for the project. I know I was already on the project-aqua team when you made the recommendation but it was still a very kind gesture.

I don’t really see anything special about my work. Just wish I could make a living from it without having to worry about money. Then I could concentrate a lot more time and effort into my Blender/Gimp productions.

I haven’t read through the documents, but I had a look at the pictures and from the style (like FFIVV) I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile: (loved that game hehe).

That lab looks amazing!

EDIT: <cough> I meant FFVII :smiley:

solocreator - this will clear it up why i said you: remember that model you made of a robotic insect? it was an anim test - that started a game called CGAI? well since your work inspired the work and i have always admired your work it was an obvious choice - plus just look at that laboratory! :wink:

Like FFIVV? Haha.

I’ve taken a look at your website, and I have one word to say: Wow.

Heck, I’ll write some more words. Anyways, you definately have the talent for our needs. I can’t decide what to assign you to though… Mech or Organic? Right now orgnic is more important. However, there is one thing I’d like to see. Your human model at your website has very distinct facial features. I’m looking for something more subtle like these:

Do you think you could do that? It’d be awesome. Also, your mech is awesome, that style may even be usable for a boss of some sort in our game.

Anyways, read through the documents stated in the Read Me, then go ahead and join the forums.

Wow, we have an amazing team already.


… and Me… pretty new, but not bad :smiley: :

I can’t imagine how well all this will go! Especially the cinematics (each already having amazing descriptions).

thanks Pixel Sage for deleting me from your forum i was going to delete my account manually but wasn’t given much choice PA wasn’t really my thing.

Sure thing. Such a full-fledged project isn’t for everyone. For me, its gonna be a heck of a lot of fun!

Pixel Sage: your signature seems to point to this same thread. What’s the homepage for Project Aqua again? I’m very interested in this (even though I don’t have much 2D/3D skills)

Edit: never mind, found it:

Well actually, that’s sort of a ditched homepage. We’ve migrated to forums =D

Ok i have seen the official!

I think that your is an interesting project.

But there are few informations about development in the forum.

Is it a 2D or 3D RPG? And, in the second case, what engine are you using or are you developping yourself a new engine?


Ok, few moments later than i posted my question, i’ve red some topic in PA forum that make the answer.

Sorry. :smiley: