Project ARC:It can almost walk

Well with school out, i finally got time to do some decent blending. This is my latest(and hopefully biggest project) Arc, my 1st try at humaniod robotics, so with out further ranting, a few days work.

Arm Cannon Engaged:

Another View:

(I know thumb is missing, still trying to figure out the mechanics of it.)

1 lamp with AO, any C&C?

I don’t have much C&C. It looks good so far.

Perhaps consider adding motor/wire around the fingers, like you have at the wrist. This way it looks more uniform in its method of motion.

Can’t wait to see more.

Im gonna try to add hydraulic pistons on the lower parts of the fingures eventually, its just too much comstrainting right now. and most of this will be covered up by armor plating.

Looks very promising :smiley:

Update:started armor plating, and finished upto the elbow.

i was thinking bout doin that u stole my idea how dare u!!!

Hmmm I personaly like it uncovered better.

If you want to go ahead it’s not an original idea to create a full robot, and ive been concocting this project for monthes

hmm ill decide whether to armor it or not after ive got the whole project done.

With the wrist down it reminds me of the Super Battle Droids from Star Wars Ep. 2. Very good modelling, with the armor off it looks like an unfinished robot to me. All humanoids need an exoskeleton.

Wow, does it really , anyways i promise the whole robot will be much different in shape than the starwars ones.

on a second note i really need help with how to model a functioning thumb so it move life a real one. anyone got any ideas?

It hink that im done on the arm but i dont think i like the elbow, ill probably beef that up later.

Alright here is my last update for the night: finally(but just barely) started on the main body.

seems cool! keep working on it… maybe too small in front view?

hmmm cool ill have to start one some time maby in a month.

Update 5: Its got a head! and some begining body work too.

Alright heres my update for the day added somemore internal components, and frame work, next the neck joint and adding more work to the lower parts.



Any C&C?

it’s going to be quite a big work!
add some details to the face, by now it seems two diamonds on a cloth

I probably wont do too much more on the face as far as modeling goes, i waht it to have an almost emocionalless face, but i guess icould add a few more armor segments to it…

Added wings, supposed kind of mechancal fallen angel,(get the name :wink: )
and got most the upper torso inards finished.

one more thing, this is a newbiesh question, but how do you apply a lattice deformation parmanently?(so the lattice isnt needed)




The head seems sub-par compared to the rest of body.

Other wsie nice, keep it up.