Project Artificial Intelligence Racing - A.I.R (Demo ver 0.05 & Video Available)

Hey nweissberg, I replaced the track object with my own and attached the script to it but the car is not reading it properly, it’s going around circles. How do I fix this?

i think if it is a navi map you should reset it

Marvin use the curve object on the scene lair 11 look like this:

Then after you’re done editing it convert it to a mesh like this:

Use the result as the navmesh…

I am using blender 2.73.And blender 2.73 is on a hewlettpackard computer.

Hey hey THis game is looking amazing! Are you still working on that RPG as well?

Verify blender version. Post #13 has 2.72 written all over it.

Read new prefs: C:\Users\barbara\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\config\userpref.blendfound bundled python: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\pythonread blend: C:\Users\barbara\Desktop\Blender Racing 0.04.blendTraceback (most recent call last):  File "C:\Users\barbara\Desktop\Blender Racing 0.04.blend\", line 1, in ImportError: No module named 'bge'

If not, you might have luck with a recent build of 2.74. I couldn’t get any crashes from my daily build.

Where did you get your build for blender 2.74?Do i have to build it?

Nice Work! I like it.:yes:
It makes fun to watch how the cars drive. :smiley:

Looks like it was just released.
But the 2.74 RC has been up for download on for awhile.

2.74 has been rock solid for me so far.

I finally got it to work.It looks and sounds realistic to me.The car ai looks good to.

Man am i glad to see this i hope the graphics pay off well.
No crashing !!! :wink:

This thing is very nice!

Yes I am, but for now I’m working on other projects… Elpis will be my last game I release, It’s a massive project and story, but a demo will come out before that!

Sometime I get very entertained with them racing for minutes, once I just left them racing for around 50 laps hehe

True thanks for helping!

I’m glad you finally got it to work! Happy blending! :smiley:

Also thank you guys for the awesome comments!!!

A french presentation / Une présentation en français:

Nifty piece of work, but I wonder if it really has anything to do with ‘artificial intelligence.’ I believe most AI in racing games has been working in a similar fashion for decades.

Here is idea to make it more like ai.Have the cars switch lanes randomly.And also have intersection that the cars can randomly select.That way the cars will have to stop at the intersection when a car goes in front of them.

So? Is that novel? That has been done for decades. I still remember playing TOCA on PS1 and that probably worked exactly as you describe.

The AI is simply that a developer draws the optimal racing line on the track and the ‘AI’ more or less follows that line with minor alterations.

What more would you like for the ai to do.Maybe the cars would stop or avoid predestrians.Maybe the cars could get in a wreck and then the other cars would have to avoid the area.

Great :slight_smile: Hope to see some progress :slight_smile: