Project Ascension - SCI-FI / HORROR / SURVIVAL project | UPDATE VIDEO #1

I apologize for poor audio quality in the game recording - I need to check into that. I think there’s something wrong with my recorder. Anyways, the last video I posted was pretty lame. It showed nothing but walking through the alien tunnels. Boring, right? Well, unfortunately I don’t have anything MIND BLOWING to show, but I have a video here with more than I showed last time. I don’t plan on showing a ton here on this site, though, simply because there are tons of surprises I want to save for when people play the game (assuming more than a handful of random people are playing).

Here it is:

A group of scientists (at some point in the future) have discovered the secret of time travel. They begin to experiment, and they accidentally get taken many years into the future and onto a distant planet-a planet with life. They quickly discover that we are not alone in this universe, and what it will take to survive.

This is a [early] screenshot of the surface of the planet in the game. (Project Ascension) The models and ground details need some work, though.