Project Aspect (My portfolio 2017)

In the end of 2016, I saw this little video named “The Third and the Seventh”.
-It Blew My MIND to think what has been achieved with CGI.

start of 2017 I thought, Why not make an ‘Alex Roman-ish’ Portfolio, and see how realistic I could go?
The focus of this showreel/portfolio was to test out my CG skill, and artistic eye.

Enjoy :3

Some Random Stills:

  • ‘The Noise is Strong with this one’ (The denoiser feature was implemented waaayyy after I’ve finished the project and due to my pc’s potato specs, I had to limit resources - Electricity costs money you know- :/)
  • My channel is extremely random in content (Its mostly failed projects that ended up being weird or funny) but this is actually a finished project Im proud of :3