Project(big): MOVIE, volunteers (English and Dutch)

I am busy with writing my book and it is also the intention it letting film in 3D! And I am already busy with after look at of number of companies of which can help me out! And meanwhile that I am a child from 16 year old and I cannot pay! which would help me. For this reason I’m looking for volunteers! If you are interested;
E-mail: [email protected]
P.S.: The movie is more than a hour!
Ik ben bezig met het schrijven van mijn boek en het is ook de bedoeling om het te laten verfilmen in 3D! En ik ben al bezig met het na kijken van aantal bedrijven die mij kunnen helpen daarbij, en inmiddels dat ik nog een kind ben van 16 jaar kan ik niet betalen die mij zouden helpen. Daarom zoek ik vrijwilligers! Als je geïnteresseerd bent;
E: <i>[email protected]</i>
P.S.: Het film is meer dan een uur!

Ill get to this before someone else does it harsher.
Most, here, are going to want to see some type of proof that this is something that will definitely go some where. Now depending on the person that proof may range from showing some of your previous work/projects to just simply posting your above msg. Again, depends on the person.
Noone will give up thier free time if the project they’re going to “waste” their time on isn’t going to just disappear in the next few weeks. My use of the word waste here isn’t meant in any derogatory way, it’s a very loose use of the word because couldn’t think of a better descriptive word. Perhaps phasing it as investing time instead of wasting would have been better…nope doesn’t convey my feelings lol.

I don’t really care if it’s a waste personally, because atm I’m interested in learning the ins and outs of animation… I know the basics, I know how to add a sound track and I have the program for it, I’m good at syncing effects with actions, (not really that hard :smiley: ) and I’m willing to work on this whether it gets me money or not. So if you don’t mind having a newbie along for the ride to learn as well, I’ll help if possible.

If you can help wath ever, I’ll be gratefull
[email protected] - Gunther

Yes i now your anwser, but it is a great full project now can’t i pay you or something but when it’s ready it come to the shop and the bioscoop (chinema) you now? I’m 16 years old…

:eek: One hour???
If you really want to make animations movies some day I seriously recommend you to start with a 3 minutes short animation, and even so is very improbable that you acomplish to finish it with this kind of volunteered help.
Listen I know that you want to make something and you believe that you can, but you need to be realistic about this… one hour animation movie takes forever to do. Elephants Dream took about 8 months to do, with some of the best blender artists avaible working from Dusk till Dawn every days… Volunteers tend to work only when they can and how they can.
I know that you didn’t ask my opinium, but please give this some thought:
What do you really want? You want to talk about making animation movies or you want to MAKE an animation movie.
Good Luck

I agree with them… I certainly can’t work round the clock I’m 14 and I have a busy life, besides the fact that I share a computer with 6 siblings lol. I’m willing to do whatever you want but I suggest you start with small animations.

1 thing i cannot make something in 3D (i will that i can but i can’t)
And i will the little group like Blender make great i can make contact with Dreamwork or Pixar but i didn’t i’ll make with blender and sow it in de bioscoop, i looking only for men they wanna helping me with the movie you the suice Blender or dreamwork, Pixar?!
(me English is very bad!!)

sorry ccsoon but I didn’t understand a word of that try it in dutch and I’ll translate it with translator…

this forum section is for actual projects that are done, or in the process.
please use offtopic for nonsense like this.