Project Broken/World

Hey all! Welcome to the WIP thread for my project, Broken/World!

My plan is to make an animated series with the work you see here. I hope you stay and follow as I learn and grow, and hopefully you do, too!


As always, thanks for looking!

~most recent update pics~


Double post cuz progress.

View of face:

View of entire front, now with sword belt!

View of side (mirrored on other side)

New: added a belt, fixed some shading/colors, added rivets where necessary.

she still needs a name
do here eyes seem… too far apart?
are the colors good?

Coming up next:
starting work on Nyx, the hero’s sword (the sword was named before the hero, le sigh)
more details, maybe

Thanks for lookin’!

Is this already baked to a low poly?

It looks like it would look amazing in a game,

Have you seen Real time cube maps in the BGE by HG1? (also he added Normal map distort cube map at my request!)

you could show this off nicely with a decent GPU and that setup.

Ever use render openGL with show render only?

Nope, just made it low poly to start with!


No idea what real time cube maps is :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what openGL is either :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for looking!

More progress!
Nyx, the hero’s sword!

I like the blade and handle, but the guard seems almost too garish; might scrap it and go simpler.

Size comparison, as a one handed sword.

Probably going to make it longer.

Progress on our hero!

Changed around the colors, and worked on her face, making it less blocky and more smooth.

Things to look for:
She still needs a name!
Is the belly area still too bare?
Does Nyx look good?
Is the size between the hero and Nyx good? More, less?
Is there a way to make the metal look grainier? It seems too flat.

Coming next:
More detailing
Rigging, uggghhhh

Thanks for looking!

Rigging is not as hard as you think. There are tutorials out there to help you out.

~ I see those 302 views :wink: ~
Mooorrrreeee progress!

Nyx, mark II. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but there’s a very thin line between too garish and too plain.

Started rigging, using rigify (and the very helpful tutorial associated with it), and it’s proving to be difficult. I may be forced to make my own rig, which is both good and bad, all things considered.

Some things I need some help with:

How does the face look? Something looks off, but I have NO CLUE as to what it is, but it’s bugging me.
~still needs a name~
How to make the metal look grainier? Without texturing, something with the light?

Thanks for looking, everyone!

you may get some inspirations by watching this video

That is awesome O.O
Definitely gave me some ideas for stuff in the animation, thanks!

Modeled the face a bit to change it…


Better? The eyes seem farther apart again, but I feel the face looks better in general.

Found the problem with rigify and fixed it, so now i’m rigging the rest of the body.

Thanks for looking!

Was messing around with cycles and got this:

I thought it looked cool for just messing around.
EDIT 2: also, how do you get rid of those little sparkle looking things in her hair and near her boots in cycles?

Anyways, thanks for looking!

those “sparkle looking things” are a phenomenon known as firefly’s in cycles. they are a side effect of caustics. you probably wont need caustics since you are going for a stylized look so you can disable caustics by going to the render panel (the camera icon on properties window) and scroll down to the light paths tab you will see 3 check box’s in this tab. in top to bottom order shadow, reflective caustics and refractive caustics. un check the 2 bottom box’s. leaving the shadow box checked (sorry if that came off as condescending i don’t know how long you have been in blender and it can be hard to follow instructions via text XD.) best of luck to you.

Interesting character :rolleyes:
You should check out the Facebook group link I have in signature there is a lot skilled NPR artists there.A bunch of them do anime.

Ha ha, I was actually just on there! They gave me some instruction and tips and I came up with this:

I am so flippin’ satisfied with how 2D this came out that you cannot even understand.
So next is finishing the stinkin’ rigging.
I don’t like rigging.

Pretty psyched for starting to animate after I finish the rig, though!

Thanks for looking!

Since Briar is relying on just a belt (no shoulder strap) to carry that sword, the belt should be three or four times wider than it is. What she has now looks barely strong enough to hold a hunting knife or a dagger. Plus a wider belt with a big buckle would go a ways toward solving her plain belly problem.

I prefer Briar’s ‘before’ face, but either looks pretty good. She seems to be shaping up nicely.

I’ll definitely make the belt bigger then, I didn’t realize it needed to be bigger.
Briar… I like the name, might go with that.
I’m still not 100% satisfied with the face, so it’ll probably get changed again; hopefully it’ll look better.

Thanks for looking!

Changed the shading a little bit, along with tweaking some colors. Made the sword belt bigger (is it big enough?), and changed the eyes to look more 2D.

Rigging is coming along nicely, but slowly. Need to fine tune certain parts for armor and clothes.

EDIT: also, in the closeup of the face, the shadow from the hair is kinda pixelated, how do I fix that?

Thanks for looking!

More progress!
I present to you, Nyx Mk. III!

Not sure how I feel about the guard (still), but again, fine line.
Still rigging.
Always rigging.

Thanks for looking!


I was thinking something more along the lines of this:

Strong enough to carry her sword, which is turning out to be pretty heavy, and stiff enough not to get all floppy on her when she draws it in a hurry. That would be bad… :wink:

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in every person’s life where a very important question must be answered…
Blue or purple?

(emblem from the blue is the new emblem, both will have it)

Briar’s main color is her brown hair. If you bump up the saturation and value of that particular brown, you get orange. Complement of orange is blue, so blue wins. But a cooler blue. Something like R 000 G 180 B 255.