Project cancelled


This was a post calling the Blender community to animate the Ukraine flag. I have to stop the project since it is quite a sensitive topic. Although the idea is as much as politically neutral as you see below, it’s still very sensitive. I decided I just do Blender- and marketing-related things like I always do.

Old Message:
When I browse Twitter on the well-known hashtags, I see all kinds of renders, primarily experiments.
Why not bundle our powers and animate the Ukraine flag.

Here are the guidelines:

  • No politics – we don’t want to create a diversion in the Blender community.
  • You can show humanity, for example. Like we are all human, and not a percentage, no label or any number.
  • Think of those most vulnerable or most affected by such a situation, for example, families with kids.
  • Don’t show hate or don’t show your political side, just humanity and vulnerability. Like we all want to grow up in an environment where there are possibilities to grow, etc. We want to be transparent, share solutions freely, etc.
  • You can put your name in the animation if you like.
  • Don’t affiliate with the Blender foundation


  • 10 seconds video
  • 1080p, 24 frame/s.
  • Render as png images in a zip file
  • Upload to any cloud and send the link to (removed link).
  • Upload before Tuesday, March 1.
  • Let’s vote for a title of the compilation.

Great initiative!

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Could you send the text of the project to me in person, please? I want to make this flag, but my level is too low to figure it out on my own. And I will not post it on this site

BlenderGuru has a tutorial for animated flags by the way. Look it up if you want.

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