Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios .!

Can we create a game as Project Cars using BGE ?If not what are the features do we need in BGE to make one ?

nope, BGE need features such as Radiosity, lightmapping, gloss maps, and cutting edge anisotropic lighting,HDR lighting,displacement maps,volumetric lighting and multi-core/processor architecture for multi-threaded… with UDK 4 maybe yes

Seems to me you need a clue in what you are talking about, because that list is mostly made up.

not sure if troll or idiot.


look this >,, what bge features need to create a game as Project Cars . don’t post not related topic.

this is totally related, spouting random crap does not help people.

All game engine features have to be thought of and coded. Not to mention the premise of video game development is to fake everything. For example there is no such thing as real-time radiosity, there is the illusion of radiosity in a gaming solution.

  • BGE supports light-mapping.

  • You need to read up properly on what Gloss Mapping is. Because I don’t think you understand the premise.

  • Cutting edge anisotropic lights… must have missed that meeting, lights are lights, unless you are talking about the manipulation of pixel and vertex shaders to give the effect of higher quality lighting.

  • Volumetric Lighting, in any regard is faked and can be done easily with either planes or Light Scattering Filter.

  • As for multi-threading, look into C-types or Cython.

Maybe you should clue yourself up on Game Development principles before opening your mouth on a forum.
and let someone who actually knows what they are talking about answer any questions.

and a little story:

One day a large multi-billion dollar corperation gave birth to a gaming console in 2005 which still to this day is being used to play the latest games (but not for long) and what Graphics API was used in this time period? that is correct DirectX 9.

But how does that explain all the latest advances in gaming graphics on such an old system??? well its called FAKING.

And many companies do it… a lot… its the only logical solution. And guess what, if you want it… you have to implement it yourself.

I think its time to put my foot in my mouth because ranting at this guy gave me a great idea for my game which i am making in BGE btw.

Rant End


@CTBM : thanks alot ! and what game you’re working on ? link please

@CTBM, easy cowboy. No need to beat up the man. He wanted to help but was a bit misguided.

I’d say that a project like that in Blender would be a massive undertaking, and the grunt work needed to make something like that just wouldn’t warrant all the time put up to it to make it work, when there are better suited solutions. Blender is suited for something simpler. The workflow present in it doesn’t even lend itself to such an undertaking.

I’m agree with you, Blender is suited for something simpler. not suited for project cars by slightly mad studios

i think we should build a huge community of developers to teach and learn from each other. .and help to develop BGE. .alot of blenderartists exists but not many developers. ITS TIME TO CREATE ANOTHER FORUMNAMED “BLENDER_DEVELOPERS.ORG”:wink: :smiley:

@eyeliner I’d say blender is suitable for larger solutions, although you are correct about the work part for the best stuff you do need to do the work yourself.

@isyedcg I dont have a recent example of my work because im still coding the core system of my project. this prototype was done a yr ago, to see if blender was capable of what i wanted.

Some excellent blender works:

this is just 2 examples in my favourites, for the better example you need to see for yourself

do some searching.


It is less a question of BGE features.
It is more a questions of your features ;).

As you see CTBM has quite a lot features :smiley:

that’s 2009 graphics game engine [OpenGL 2.1]… lol … now in 2013 [DirectX11]or[OpengGL4.1]

NextGen-Graphics game engine

Blender is suited for something simpler and modeling 3d object.:wink:

Im not going to reply to you because your intelligence is beyond help if you really think BGE is limited to GL2.0.

Blendx? why did you sign up to these forums?

get kicked out of unity’s site?


@CTBM : lol :DHahahahahaha

I can feel the ‘fire’ burning here.

just another Monday at the office.


Soooooo, anyway, how 'bout martin’s racing game?

Why are you looking for trouble?. why you don’t help Daniel Stokes and Mitchel Stokes to the development of BGE to be better … talk less, do more like moguri

LoL,maybe he is not as experienced as Stokes is,he is just trying to protect the BGE reputation.

umad bro?

I wonder why a person with over a decade’s worth of programming experience in C++ would use the Blender game engine.

oh thats right yeh, i have compared many many engines including all your so called “professional solutions”. The reason i use BGE is because all my time can go to Modelling and Audio development without having to Pay a butt load of cash for a Software solution.

Game quality is down to the Developer, not the software, and telling other people they can’t accomplish something because you can’t is pretty selfish.

I dont need to defend BGE
BGE speaks for itself its why many users flock to it

I do however hate it when people like you give bad advice to people looking for information.