Project Chrome

Would anybody out there in the BA community with Blender experience be interested in contributing some digital Blender models necessary to create our first animated short of this project?

Obscure models that we need are rigged mouse/rat meshes and (low-poly) French soldier rigged models (of the time of the French Revolution of 1789). You would receive due credit in our project credits for anything you contribute.

Community help would be greatly appreciated.

Quick Info on Project Chrome:

This is the title of the project my team and I working on using Blender 2.45, 2.48, and 2.49 RC builds. And of course, Blender 2.5 when it’s released.

My team Advanced Dynamics are working on an animation project that I think should be used as a means to create a series of BA threads covering the very difficult aspects of Blender that are integral to work we do on our animated project. Threads that would serve essentially as mini-tutorials/discussions would be 1) free online networking/file database 2) Fluid simulator fx 3) Cloth rigging with advanced softbodies and unconventional rigging to accomodate this 4) Effective shape keying especially using Blender Lip synchro 5) Render baking 6) and Blender’s VSE as a complete alternative to external video editors.

Advanced Dynamics is the name of the online team that I, Vlad417, and Shadowbane started several months ago and we have been working on Project Chrome for some time now.

We present some screenshots of the digital assets of the first of the two shorts.

Attached are a render of each The Judges in the first act. Rigged and complete with custom cloth rigs. No UV texturing yet.

Environment shots are to come in further updates/posts as well as renders of the protagonist and General LaSalle (a secondary character for the outro scene).


Here is General LaSalle, rigged as well, but with only simple materials assigned.

Note: 3 point lighting scheme used for the Judges.


I have updated the Project post.