Project Chrome

This is the title of the project my team (Advanced Dynamics) and I working on using various Blender builds. And perhaps Blender 2.5 if not everything is completely changed.

Would anybody out there in the BA community be interested in contributing some digital Blender models necessary to create our first animated short of this project? Or at least referencing free model repositories where we can find the below-listed models?

We really need a rat model (a rigged mesh) and low-poly soldiers (French soldiers of 1789). Having these would really help speed up our production (as we now run into very limited time to work on the project).

Community help would be greatly appreciated and invaluable.

Quick Info on Project Chrome:

My team Advanced Dynamics are working on an animated project that I think could be used as a means to create a series of BA threads covering the very difficult aspects of Blender that are integral to work we do on our animated project. Threads that would serve essentially as mini-tutorials/discussions would be 1) free online networking/file database 2) Fluid simulator fx 3) Cloth rigging with advanced softbodies and unconventional rigging to accomodate this 4) Effective shape keying especially using Blender Lip synchro (which I’m not sure if that really will work) 5) Render baking 6) and Blender’s VSE as a complete alternative to external video editors.

Advanced Dynamics is the name of the online team that I, Vlad417, and Shadowbane started several months ago and we have been working on this project for some time now.

We welcome any input and any help (in the requests above). I have already posted screens of some of the work in the works in progress. We will use this post to upload new screens of the characters and environments as well.