project ""City Places".

Hi ,
I want to introduce a project "“City Places”.
The purpose of project “CityPlaces” is to create 3D models about city places.
In the present the project is not commercial, but in future will be.
This mark that, if the project have a profit, each of the developers
and participants in the project will receive a payment for your work.
The recommended(but not mandatory) 3D program for creating objects is BLENDER.
So everyone who have interest is invited to go

P.S soon I will put more photos for obejcts.
All best,

your site does not load for me, however I think I may be interested.

sounds like a cool idea, but I’m pretty sure the link isn’t a website. For one thing there is no “www.”

And Lo, the Noob spoketh such.

hmmm ok the site’s up now, idk, it seems like a bit much to just walk into. Why don’t you show us some of YOUR work first, I don’t want to join a project where everyone does work for the project leader

Nice photos. Read the sticky.

Kaching! That one went right into my sig smelz! thanks!

Seems like somebody wants to make IRL money by making others do work for him. Also, I don’t click on links posted by users with a single post due to spam-bots and the likes.