Project Cloud 9

Hey guys! Here is my first artwork as a beginner and my first upload here.

Rendered in cycles
Haven’t uploaded it yet to my instagram but here’s my @



That looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

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thank you! glad you liked it

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Just saw this now, thank you so much! This made my whole week!


Welcome to the community.
Nice image. I really like the character and the island.

My suggestions would be to try to make the grass less vertical.
The car didn’t read well to me at first: I took it for a rock pile or rubble – maybe if you just played with position or rotation a little it would read better, or it was more well lit
Because the line that comes down on the right is covered in plant material in the front but bare in back, I didn’t connect the two as the same line
Possibly turn down the emission of the butterflies just a little

This looks amazing. Great job

Looks really good for a beginner.
My advice would be to place the car (the left one) somewhere in midground and rotate a bit. It’ll give the image more depth. Cause right now it kinda lines up with the character which is not good.


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This is amazing for a " first artwork as a beginner"

Hey, this reminds me of the movie Alita: Battle Angel. Except I’m not a big cyber punk fan, so I like your take on a floating city much better.