Project Cody Frost

(sarushan) #1

Genre: Adventure Open World
Time: CyberPunk
Engine: BGE or UPBGE

History: Cody needs to find his missing friend. For this you will have to solve puzzles and find information walking around the city.

(firefox.jco) #4

The design of the vehicles are really cool. Keep the level.

(sarushan) #5

Thanks! Updates coming soon.

(Smoking_mirror) #7

Cool. Looking great!
Lots of assets there. I think the monochrome effect looks pretty good. You can tell what everything is just by looking.
How’s the gameplay coming?

(lluc84) #8

looking really nice!

(sarushan) #9

The gameplay will be very simple, probably have something ready for the 11th. I have not worked on it yet, because I’m a bit out of time. But I will strive to deliver something playable.

(Smoking_mirror) #13

Looks awesome. Just a little bit of time left though…

(sarushan) #18

Hello guys.
I had problems finishing my game in time to deliver to competition, but I come across this to warn that the project continues. I’ll be changing the name of the competition game to Project Cody Frost. Brief news.

(Smoking_mirror) #20

It looks great. Sad to hear you didn’t finish it before the end of the contest, but keep on working on it. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

(sarushan) #21


(Uniday Studio) #22

The project is looking great! What are the plans for the release date?

(sarushan) #23

Thank you Teres,
My plan is to finish as soon as possible, but as there are always setbacks. This month is finishing another semester in the master’s degree and I’m not much time to work on the project, but as soon as possible I’ll bring updates.

(sarushan) #24

New updates…

(sdfgeoff) #26

I like them. Good job on all the character models!

It’s curious to see such high rasterizer time (and such high GPU latency) with a smooth-shaded graphical style. Do you have lots of materials assigned to your meshes?

(sarushan) #27

There are two characters per material with Texture 512x512. Average 750 faces per character. My notebook’s configurations are Intel® Core ™ i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz (64Bits) Intel® HD Graphics 4000 video driver. Do you think these settings on my notebook are drastically influencing performance?

(sdfgeoff) #28

Hmm, those numbers are excellent, and I’d expect it to be performing better. I guess it must be something to do with the animations (which I haven’t used much). If the animations aren’t playing, does it still spend so much time in rasterizer?

(Fred/K.S) #32

lol really nice UI hahaha

(sarushan) #33

(Deadman1980) #36

i am jelow. looks great, I need some art skills doh, i am good at making block people.

(sarushan) #37