Project DarkEmber

Edit: June 25 2010

  1. Fighting will be similar to Oblivion; areas will be modular similar to Neverwinter Nights.
  2. The main characters name, until further notice, is Ladislaus Chorster, or Ladi.
  3. The game is primarily being made in 2.5 to test its capabilities.
  4. Will also mostly use python.
  5. The story line will involve steam-punk vs. nature.

Here’s a few screen shots from my seaside village; probably will be the start of the game.

good…still use bigger textures!

It’s already running at 37 fps - in some spots - maybe I’m going for a N64 feel(lol). But, I don’t think I would have been able to do any of that in 2.49. The BGE in 2.5 is so much faster. Whoever has been working on that “thank you and keep it up.”
At this point I’m working on concept art, and am formulating some kind of story.
Oh, and BTW: The land the village is sitting is just a dummy land. I’m going to make a bunch of dummy lands and retopo them together and split them into smaller chunks, then I will make a LOD script for the terrain.
Edit: If any 2.5 developers read this: I believe there is a bug when you add layered textures to an object in Game Blender mode. Maybe it’s just my computer, but I’m not for sure.

Hmmmm…will blender 2.5 be faster?:confused:
it will be great!!!:D:D

2.5 for me handles so much more than the older version could. It’s at 37 fps at the fence part next to the dock for some reason, but other than that it runs a solid 60 fps everywhere else.

Wow that looks great!!

Ok, some new details. This is the main character, and I believe I will call him Ladislaus Chorster. I’m in the process of rigging and finishing him up. But, I have a quick question: Has anybody ever made hair? I’ve never been able to make hair that looks good. And if you can’t tell by now this is an RPG.

-Finally figured out bbcode >:3

What are you talking about?? That hair looks great to me.

@Lakitu Well I talking about hair with some body, but if you think would look better with just a crew cut I’m more than happy not not model hair. lol

BTW Before I forget I wanted to share my inspiration for texture making now. I found this good tutorial for concept art that I applied to textures. Not sure how everybody makes textures, but I think this is pretty interesting.
Concept Art Video Tutorial
Edit: There should be - I think - three videos in the series.

Wow that model looks fantastic!!

Thank you. Maybe by the end of the day I’ll have a pose picture… Rigging him is turning out to be a pain. And I found out this guy is extremely tall compared to the doorways on the houses…

Finished rigging faster than I thought. Time to start animating…
Well here’s another screenie.

Edit: I’m a little upset with 2.49 and 2.5 right now… Both run very slow with my model, and 2.5 always uses ctrl-p as an armature modifier rather than parenting.

Here’s an older piece of work I did. I think I will include this in the game as an enemy.

Animating this will be a pain as well. I’m not very good at animating people let alone bugs, but this is why you practice: to get better.

His shield could be bigger, along with his sword :wink:

Plans for week of June 21:

  1. Design a HUD
  2. Finish Scarab and Ladislaus animations
  3. Update and refine IDE (*see below)

*Found a few of my old scripts. IDE stands for Impulse Decision Engine; it came from one of my unfinished; rather un-started projects. I have an AI script that works but needs some refining.

I also plan (used loosely) to post a video on YouTube of my current progress, but this week is mostly game play rather than graphics.

So I finished walk cycles for Ladislaus and the Scarab… Then I linked Ladi’s group (Armature,Bounding Box, Himself) to another file. Turns out you can’t parent anything to it to follow it in the game engine and you can’t use the camera actuator on it either! And on top of that he float higher than his radius! Anybody know what to do? I hated linked groups a long time ago and I still hate them.

I don’t see myself completing those goals this week. I had to scrap Ladi’s old armature and animations and make a new one. The new armature performs much better than the old one, but one of the old issues arose again. The arms don’t quite deform right. I’m not sure if it’s the armature or the model; I’m not an animator.
So if anybody can help out that would be cool.:smiley:
Edit:Ok I figured out what was wrong… I feel kinda stupid now though. For that pose the whole arm rotates at the shoulder. I never took anatomy. Progress should speed up now, but I still hate animating.

I’m going to make a bunch of dummy lands and retopo them together

What exactly does it mean?How will you do that? Can it be done with a spherical mesh?

Well, I’m not doing it that way anymore, but the way I would have done it is as follows:

  1. Make all of my dummy lands
  2. Place objects where I wanted on the dummy land
  3. Group the scenery objects together.
  4. Place all of the dummy lands together where I want them to touch.
  5. Use a large grid to “smash” onto the dummy lands; like a mold. AKA Retopology
  6. Fix any weird vertices and make the land flow.
  7. Cut out squares of land.
  8. Texture the new land squares.
  9. Place your scenery groups.
  10. Tada you have a seamless-large-area landmass.
  11. Use a LOD script - even achievable through logic bricks - to tell when the land to be in the scene when the character is near it.

I may still do it that way; honestly I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it would work.

You might be able to do this with a sphere. It would be a bit harder, but I think still do-able.