Project: Desperation

Hey there,

that’s my latest project. It was for an application for an university place.

Camera movement through the scene:

That’s it :). Hope you enjoy it :).


Nice expressions and poses. Some parts of the model seem more detailed than others, but that draws the eye to the places you wanted to emphasize. The video fly-through is masterful. Well done.

Awesome work, I really liked it, the quality is amazing and the presantatoin very nice, for me its perfect!

Wow – that is soo crazy creepy! Good!

Great work! Really nice modelling & lighting. Though this makes me wonder again, wheather I should start printing buttons and stickers, having a slogan like “Say no to chromatic abberation!” on 'em. No offense, really, but it’s like the new lensflare, if you know what I mean.

greetings, Kologe

Wonderful results!
The video is very interesting too.
Well done!!!

for some reason it reminds me of the film shutter island :smiley: Looks awesome tho

way too much chromatic aberration. Otherwise, quite cool.

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

The chromatic aberration was an artistic decision because it underscores the confusion I want to express. But this is just my personal point of view and maybe it is really too much overkill.

Usually I’m not a fan of chromatic aberration and the render would be much less revised :).