project directory in blender?

I come from the maya background and I liked its notion of project directories. When setting a project direcotry for a blender file I would like to get the following directories set in the home directory (after I set the projectname):

all new .blend files that belong the the project go here

all rendered images that belong to the project go here

all scripts specific for that project go here

all sounds for the project go here

all textures needed for that project go here

all yfexports for the project go here

all temporar files of the project go here

Now every time I create a new .blend file, how can I set these directories in an easy way with one or two click, Just by specifying a projectname? Especially how can I set the scenes directory?

Within Blender, use the // as the lead in, e.g. //…\render\ in the Output dir. Save that then as your User Pref and every .Blend file will create a projectname/render dir when you render. See User Manual for User Preferences->File Paths, and Render->Output

// means “where the .blend file is currently saved” but I want all .blend files saved to the projectname/scenes directory and the rest as described above

yes, that’s what breadcrumbs do. Breadcrumb directory reference has been in windows since Windows 3.1, and was a Unix steal. “.” means the current directory, “…” the directory above the current directory.

notice the … after the //?

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Sorry if I might appear a little dumb but obviously I am doing something wrong. I have set the render directory in the user settings to //render and I have saved my current .blend file to c:\xyz. When I click the big render button and render my scene and than select “save image … (F3)” I am taken to the directory where my blend file is in (i.e. c:\xyz\ ). Shouldn’t the path that is open in in the “save file” dialog now be c:\xyz\render ?

That directory works for rendering animations.


Arrghh! when I render an animation (the big orange “ANIM” button :)) it renders to c: mp ? That’s what is set in the render setting in the Button Windows in the Output Tab. What is the difference between that setting and the global filepath setting. It looks like the global filepath setting is never used.

good question, bonk.

Does anyone know how the the Render filepath in User Prefs is actually used? Based on tests I just ran, the Output panel seems to override it. If the Output panel is blank, it writes it to C:, not the default. When I create a new empty scene, the Output filepath stays the same as the old scene, not the Render default. Therefore, I can’t see how it’s actually used. Maybe a bug?