Project Dogwaffle

(Dittohead) #1

Does anyone know abou this wonderful 2d paint app??

it’s great!! windows only however. :frowning:

(Friday13) #2

Oh, great, now they’re only going to update that commercial version?! :x :-? :frowning:

(rwv01) #3

I’ve heard of it but never tried it. How’s it stack up against the other apps?
I use GIMP but I wish it had better Windows support.

(Dittohead) #4

it’s a paint app not an imae editor.

(haunt_house) #5

it has been mentioned at least once here. It’s nice :wink:

(overextrude) #6

It’s only $36.00, less than half the cost of the Blender c-key. And, if the messages in the dogwaffle forum are any indication, the developer is actually interested in hearing from users with suggestions on how to make the program easier to use, and more interface friendly. I’d say it’s $36.00 well spent. Of course, there’s always the Gimp.

(seval) #7

Project dogwaffle has been around for years. I think that it was originally called "cyber-vision"or “cyber-optics”, something of the sorts. The only feature that I really found useful was one called “fade last action”. Other than that it has some incredible brushes to choose from… simulating everything from watercolor to airbrush. I recently got rid of it though ,because if you know how to take full advantage of all of Gimp’s features, there is NOTHING that you can do with Dogwaffle that you can not do with Gimp.