Project drift 500

(current progress - please ignore the excess of dirt, it’s gone already)

Hello folks!
This is a fun project I started yesterday.
In a nutshell, I am going for a ‘drifiting’ / JDMyish Fiat 500. I am putting a lot of effort into the modeling, the same is going to apply for the rendering preps.
I learned a lot with my recent Mercedes (you can check it out here) and it has been incredible how fast I am going with this one. Here is the first screenshots of day 01 (~7 hours).

I’m a car enthusiast so I have to be picky:

First of all never dare to pronounce a profanity like that!!! Nevaaaa!
The correct terminology is Riced. Even though people use the “rice” word as synonym of gross,
RICE is the acronym of Racing Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements and it has not a negative meaning.
While JDM is Japan Domestic Market, it means japanese cars, not cars with bodykits, spoilers etc…
Just cars for the japanese market.
Also from the picture it is the Abarth 595.

… Just joking with my indignation tone. I’m not a Nazi :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck with your project!!! I love cars and I appreciate people who model cars.

Shit happens. Just PM a moderator, he will move your thread with no problem.

Lmao, thanks for educating me.
So in the end I am actually going for a riced out car, haha

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Finished entire modeling, details and wheels!

I’ve reused my brembo brakes from another personal project of mine. I would love to take some modeling criticism before I go onto UV unwrapping the whole thing.
Throughout these Open GL renderings, I’ve noticed I need some really big tweaks in the front fender and in a lot of places on top of the car. Working on these before the UV stuff.

Also, thanks Fweeb for moving my post!

Well done wheels, rims, and grill. Those things seem to be the hardest to model. I’m jealous of your speed :frowning:

Done interior and tweaked a few things.

It’s the first time I do a car interior. The dashboard is really poorly made (looking at the topology will give you nausea), but since it won’t be visible at all, I decided not to put much time into something wouldn’t really pay off.
It took me about three hours to make this entire thing, but as I said many, many things are not optimized, and I may do that later on if I want this model on a game or an engine.
Happy with the results, biting my nails for a better roll cage though.

Well done wheels, rims, and grill. Those things seem to be the hardest to model. I’m jealous of your speed :frowning:

Thanks! Well, don’t you worry then mate, because in my last car project I took about 28 hours to model a Mercedes, 28 HOURS!! But I learned a lot from that one and even I am surprised on how fast this is taking me, haha.

28H is quite fast. the best people in automotive industry make AAA model in 3 weeks.

^They don’t use blender :stuck_out_tongue:
Tho, there’s still a lot of work to finish.

Love it, great work

Yeah, I was about to say, 28H modeling is definitely fast for me.

Is the triple A model textured and rigged or just modeled? Cause if it’s just modeled, the auto industry needs to hire this guy. Well, come to think of it, with that 28H modeling speed, I say just hire him, lol.

the interior looks really good!

Quick update:

Modeled wide body kit, front splitter, exposed intercooler and made a few tweaks.
I began doing the rendering, and oh boy, is it frustrating.
I don’t feel like posting my renders so far since they are really bad. Unfortunately for me, I’ve got a first gen i3 CPU, a GPU that doesn’t support Blender’s cycles, so it is really, really frustrating and slow to work on shaders.
Since I am trying to apply roughness and normals to every single shader, you kind of have to guess what the value is gonna be. Getting a low-medium quality render with a resolution able to see most details takes about two hours to render it out.
That’s the part that bites me in the ass, ugh.

Another update:

Just tweaked the car paint and it doesn’t look as bad as before, so I decided posting the rendering progress.
I plan to tweak nearly every shader in the scene, and, the displacement of the intercooler also came up terrifying. I am also remaking the headlights and front badge.
If you got any suggestions at all I will consider them with my heart out!

Could someone also explain how to set up thumbnails? Because I can’t attach anything else to the main post since I already reached three images, and removing those previous ones will remove the images themselves :s

Is the car’s grill texture or model?


(updated image using the advice from the guy below, since previous ones were very low-quality)

So, I improved quite a few things. I am liking wheels better now, though, still a lot of things to improve there. Same goes for car paint.
About the headlights: I spent so much time trying to model a better one and I am still now satisfied with it. And since I consider it one of the most important aspects to get it right, I might scratch out this current one as well.
If you see the image on full resolution you will see a lot of details that are coming to life, many more to come.

Apart from that headlight I kind of like how things are turning out (especially that intercooler, apart from its displacement texture). And I haven’t even got my hands on that booty! If I would make a percentage on my progress I think I am currently at ~30%.

Is the car’s grill texture or model?

It’s modeled. Though I think it looks too flat, I am adding some kind of bevel and imperfections to it.

try this PBR Paint:

Here is the thread:

Thanks for the suggestion! I absolutely love this addon!
Can’t thank you enough, update coming tomorrow.

Edit: Updated image in last post, since the only major change was the car paint, and previous images were very low-quality.

Made some tweaks on paint and camera, improved interior.

I am playing around with colors to see what’s more showy.
The only part that I like and am most likely not changing is the interior, intercooler, and mirrors. Anything else I am changing.

Can I get some feedback please? I am running out of ideas on what to do.

Give some thickness to the body parts.
And add something that prevents me to see through gaps between each part.

Sure that, but that is the last thing I like to do, since there will be no extra mesh slowing the scene down.
I usually like to get everything right and then I proceed to do that.

Are you using a HDRI background?