Project: expired

Hi folks, I had some time again and was able to play with Blender again. Maybe you like it? Originally I had a different scene in mind, but the implementation always led to new things. That is the result now. What do you think?
I rendered with e-cycles. round about 20 min - 1200 samples (original resultion is 2400x2000)
I used Mtree addon, graswald an terrain.
If you have any questions let me know!


I like the Workbench render. It shows all how the scene is laid out and all the cool details on the ground. Is that a fire in the distance?

I thought maybe of the 1st person holding a flashlight:

But of course to try it in Blender and get the settings nice and right.

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funny i tried just that! but I didn’t because I didn’t want to commit myself to an object that should be seen in the flashlight. In the workbench view, however, the water surface is missing. I hid them.

but you’re right, the one with the flashlight would be fine.

and yes it is a fire. and no, it’s not a fire. it is what your fantasy tells you what it is;)

Can you show the Workbench with the water?

made a screenshot

this is the “raw” version without photoshop

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I would try rendering without the water, as a dried up old lakebed. And turning up the exposure, but just for the bottom 1/2 of the image, leaving the atmospheric sky but showing all the modeling and scene placement you did.

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that’s a really good idea. but I like to leave that to you! :slight_smile:
i’m done with the scene. there are still many more ideas waiting, at some point it has to be over;). but if it inspires you then feel free to build a similar scene that fits your description!

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Okie dokie.

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hi, i actually meant that you can build a similar scene of your imagination based on my picture. :smiley:
But you’re right, it looks better when the foreground is lighter. I wonder why I made this so dark. Maybe I’ll submit a lighter version :smiley:

Uh, I love the creepy atmosphere.

If I had one wish for modification I’d wish the tree-branches to look even “knottier” (autotranslated, in German novels it would be “knorrige Äste”). Just a feeling, can’t say how that would look like. Maybe some warts or something like that.

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Hi, thank you!
i know what you mean :slight_smile:

Ich spreche deutsch :wink:

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