Project file organization

Hi folks, when setting up a project, how do you organize your files? my project is getting large, and I have a large hash of sequential step files, as well as texture files, materials and various pieces parts (what I guess you would call assets all over) I’d like to get it properly organized before it gets any worse. This is a small (very) hobby studio, one person, one computer, but I dont see that as an excuse for not following best practices – any input would be very welcome. I should add that I have looked at some things online as well, particularly the Zacharias brothers tutorial on youtube


Well if its an animation, you have a folder for you models that you will link from. inside that folder is a folder for each of your models, within each of those folders one called texture for the textures and materials for your models.
Next you should have a folder for each scene within that a folder for each shot in which you save.

In my case, I do architectural visualization via FPS “gameplay”

Thanks for the input