Project film 3D "Lydia's quest "

There is very noticeable sliding of horse’s hooves. Fix either horse’s walk cycle or movement speed to deal with it.

Thank you for the constructive criticism.
It is not easy to synchronize the movement of the scenery and the gallop of the horse.

During the gallop it is actually less noticeable as there is a jumping phase. Walking is where the most sliding occurs. I’m sure you’ll be able to do something. Also, riding parts of the video are too long in my opinion. Can tire out the viewer by monotonous animation and lowpoly scenery.

Thank you DeckardX08, I take note ;).
I put subtitles. I apologize for the syntax errors: /. But you can always correct me.

Lydia tries to understand where the inhabitants of the village have gone.

Skin face texture

A stray dog, he is included in the script of the short film


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Lydia walk test


I added subtitles and a few more seconds of video.
I apologize for the syntax errors in the translation.

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Lydia run




Scene 2_plan19 Mélusine : Mélusine and Lydia.