Project Firestorm - computer generated effects for live-action

Hi all,

So my current work is a live-action film, but I’ll be using Blender for all the visual effects. The blog for the project (named Project Firestorm) can be found at

I have only just finished the production and am about to start work on post-production, so I don’t have any work done yet, but I would definitely appreciate people’s input and advice on future work and also tips and hints on how to create certain effects and the whole workflow. I’ll update this thread with work as they are created.

Some current effects that will need to be created are: 2D gun flashes (possibly rendered in Blender in 3D), masking over unwanted details, camera tracking, detailed sci-fi binocular animated HUD (in 2D), blinking LED light, 3D model of a security camera, model of a combat robot (quite detailed and animated), removing tracking markers, some rotoscoping, 3d model of a safe interior, 3d model of a jet, and the main effect will be a detailed explosion of a house (based on a real house). I will probably use After Effects for compositing effects into video where necessary, though I would love to use Blender for that as well.

I’ll post draft copies of work as they’re done, but I would love to find as many tutorials and references beforehand on how to create any of the above effects or creating effects in films in general. If you know where I can find more information on adding CG in live-action, it’d be appreciated! I already know of a few such as some BlenderGuru tuts, the Blender wiki, Tears of Steel blog, CG cookie. Specific tutorials would be great!

Many thanks!