Project Foxhound

This is a project that I’m going to be working on.

Tthis project will be done in 3D Unity, models and maybe maps will be done in Blender. I’ve already got a model being worked on, Solid Snake.

Yes, this project will focus on remaking Metal Gear–the old MSX game that started it all. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like in 3D glory. With Unity, it’s very possible, but will consume a LOT of time, considering this is a one-man project, and don’t know where to go to seek help.

Keep a lookout on Project Foxhound in the future. If you’re interested in actually making models or programming in either C#, Java or Python, drop me a PM or VM.

If you are, while staying true to the One-Man-Project Decission, looking for Help, you can ask on this Forum in the Section for Game Engine Support and Discussion, but on this Thread here as well – though only when it is related to Blender and how to achieve Things in Blender, and since you will only use Blender for Modelling, you would be more likely to post your Questions in the Modelling Section, I guess. For more Help on the Game itself and how to put everything together, you might consider to visit the Unity Forum, even if its Colors are depressing and there are Lots of Trolls over there. If you would make the Game with BGE, then People also could give you more Help here on this Forum. I personally would prefer BGE, but that is your very own Decision.

Believe me, I’d rather have a team of folks, but yeah I’ll see if I can get help. As for Unity, I posted and haven’t got a response at all. I’d like to make a career out of this, although I’m not sure if they teach Python in college. Else I’d learn how to use Blender even more.

I’d use the game engine of blender, but isn’t it a bit limited? Could I even make a Metal Gear style game? The system I’m going for is the Playstation version.

The BGE is not as limited as most People think. However, you couldn’t run a BGE Game on Playstation if this is what you meant. But indeed you could make a Metal Gear Style Game with BGE, very well I’d even say!