Project Foxhound

Project Foxhound, and it’s entirety is a focus on the first 2 Metal Gear games that were on the MSX computer system. I’m in the pocess of remaking Metal Gear, what I dub, Metal Gear Solid: Outer Heaven.

For the moment, it’s a one man project, which is why I’m here. It’s most likely possible that I wouldn’t be able to complete this game by myself. I’m begun working on the project in the Unity 3D program, but I might shift to Blender. I’m already using Blender to make 3D Models, although I’m not very good at it. Let me run things down.

Metal Gear is about a man code-named Solid Snake, he is apart of a sneaking unit that focuses on stealth and procurement-on-site, this elite unit is called Foxhound. In Metal Gear, Snake’s top priority is to confirm weather or not if the mercanary base, Outer Heaven, is capable of using nuclear weapons. A rumor has been going on that Outer Heaven houses a powerful nuclear weapon called Metal Gear. Metal Gear is able to launch a missile anytime, it’s a walking battle tank.

You, as Solid Snake, your mission is to determine if Outer Heaven has this weapon, and if it does, destroy it before it’s operable.

Positions Needed

1-2 Programmers
1-3 Modelers
1 Concept artist

More to come when avaiable.

I’ll handle the programming myself. Metal Gear Solid is known for it’s long cutscenes, great visuals and models, and it’s stealth gameplay that usually takes programming to a whole complete level, using the best out of the system it’s being developed on.

I should say that I want people who are capable of not giving up and/or losing interest. I think this game can be wonderfully made, if the Team cooperates well.

I look forward to responses and a great team.


When I saw this thread title, I was gonna comment that it sounds like Metal Gear Solid. Little did I know… It IS Metal Gear Solid!

Not sure if Hideo Kojima would approve of you doing this, but good luck anyway.

It would be cool to see a game with Metal Gear and Solid Snake on Blender. Those games were my fav. console games in my school days. I once a while replay that game. :smiley:
So Good Luck! :slight_smile: