project Fred

Ok, i’m really, really motivated to start an animation short with my first properly rigged character Fred. :stuck_out_tongue:
My first will be very simple but clean.

characters: (tell me what ya think ;))
The Dog (wip)
and maybe some others…

i have one in my head but there are so many ways to go,
i’m getting it together now…

a minute? maybe more…

maybe i’m too serious for just this ‘stupid little animation’ ? :rolleyes:
anyway, i hope you folks will help me a bit. :wink:

comments plz

got the model of the Dog done, rigging will be more difficult this time.

heh the Fred walk cycle was funny. Try not to make him blink TOO much.

I think you should work on the mesh of fred, to better match that of the dog.

yeah, the blinks were just randomly set. i know when to blink and stuff but in a walk it’s just for moistening your eyes so…

Uhm, i think i should work on the dog since fred is my main character, i really wanna leave him like that :wink: maybe throw away some detail on the dog?

damn i really can’t get that script together =
If you have an idea just scream it out to me, k? :wink: