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Hello, people

What we are looking for is a modeler, although we need lots more things, we are taking it at a step by step pace so that we have things ready before we move to the next need. I have created some gameplay, and modeled some cars. Ofcourse having gameplay would mean i have a main character, as shown below. We also have a city coming along well also shown below. It would be really appreciated if some people could join.

And for you noobs out there this would be a great way to gain experience for the games you want to achieve in the not so distant future, so please join this project, we need you.


My name is Paul Peterson. I’m just like any other person. I’m 27, I have trouble finding a date, I have a job where I’m probably never going to be promoted, and I enjoy a good time at the pub every once in a while.
My job? I work in the finance office of the bank. Not very extravagant.
My life is average, what more could you want? Well, make that “my life was average.”
See, about two years ago I was an entirely different Paul. Two years ago I was working my crummy job, and I still am. But now I have something to look forward too.
Did I get married? … no. But if anything could compete with that (which, come to think of it, anything can…), it’s Gerallt.
But let me start from the beginning. It starts with a man named Jim Swindon. He came into the office while I was working late and strolled into the office without being stopped. He was a shabby looking fellow, but in a good way. Nice clothing that had just tarnished a bit, a mop of black hair, and eyes that seemed happy. If you think of me staring into his eyes and studying them as weird, I’ll be the first to tell you it is. Because working almost my entire career in this office, I have seen many different people. I have seen that expression on only three other people while working here. I used to think the only way to get that feeling was to get stone drunk.
Anyway, he walks through the office, stands up on a chair, and pushes one of the ceiling tiles off and takes a backpack out of the hole, then places the tile neatly back.
I asked him what he was doing and he walked over to me. The next few sentences are something I will always remember.
“You poor sad thing,” he said. The first thing I noticed was that he had a British accent, and maybe that’s why I didn’t call security, he was from upbringing like mine, “Stuck here with nothing to look forward to for the rest of your life except maybe, just maybe, getting to push more papers around if you get to play with the Big Boys Upstairs. Do you really think that’s the life you want? ‘Cause I know something much, much, better.” Then he gave me a business card and left, taking the backpack with him.
The card read, “Gerallt” in big stylized letters on the front. On the back was the name Donnie London, followed by a phone number. Having nothing else to do, I called the number.
Donnie London’s voice is very deep. Not in tone, but in the knowledge behind it. He’s not a professor or a scientist, but the leader of the gang Gerallt. I didn’t even meet him until a few month’s later, after I had been on a couple of outings with the other members. There’s about twenty-five or so of us, though I only really got to know seven. Bruce Swindon of course, he’s one of the planners for the outings, York Bradford is an ex-cop, Wayne Bruce works in an auto repair shop, Trent Stanley is a mall security officer who also served in peacekeeping operations overseas, James Dundee is the youngest at 19, he works at a 7/11, Pete Bristol is a plumber, and Lionel Doncaster is the chief explosives expert who also has a job at Denny’s.
We’re somewhat of a motley bunch.
Anyway, our basic goals in Gerallt are simple, to inspire the people to take action in their own lives, to uncorrupt the system, and other jobs. There are also some rules, all jobs must be done without firing a single shot or to permanently harm someone, and all work is always illegal (though really harmless, the system overreacts to everything).
Oh, I forgot, we also have to annoy the hell out of the cops as much as possible.

Overall storyline.
That was just the intro, the premise of the entire game after is as follows.

One day, one of the members of Gerallt is found dead in a gutter. The police seem to drop the case automatically, and Dundee starts receiving death threats from a mysterious source that names itself the “Nashville20,” who say Gerallt has one month to pack up and leave the city, or they will all die.
Two day later, Dundee is found dead, in the same gutter.
After two homicides in the same spot, the police should be looking for the killer, but the case is dropped again. Someone has gotten the police under their thumb, and more and more people in Gerallt are receiving death threat, and more and more innocents are dying in crime related cases.
You decide to take things into your own hands, and begin to track down the leader of the Nashville20.Turns out, he’s hard to get to, because there are the Nashville19, who are the second in command, number twenty is in charge of them, and a large portion of the city as well.
By chance, you make a great leap ahead in your investigation when you manage to capture one of the Nashville19 at a dinner party. You get information from him, but the next day, the deadline for Gerallt goes from three more weeks to one week. The killings pile up, as more than two thirds of Gerallt are killed in two days.
Soon, all the members are in hiding, and rumors of a large gang purging sweep those who are lying low or connected to the illegal markets. Nashville20 plans to rampage through the streets, and the police won’t be able to stop them.
Now it’s down to you and Swindon to find the man in charge of Nashville20. You finally track him down to discover that it’s Donnie London who’s in charge, he’s been running both gangs the entire time. Torn between your desire for revenge and the commitment you took to not kill anyone (and other reasons, more later), you flee the scene.
Then you come up with a plan to take London down. Not by killing him, but putting him where he belongs, the Gerallt way.

Some further explanation…
So, as a subplot for the whole thing, I was thinking that Paul should meet a nice girl, and they get along great. But, he finds out she’s the daughter of Donnie London before he wants to kill him, so that’s why Donnie London isn’t killed when Paul finds out the truth.

Thank you Divided Spleen for that lovely story and explanation! a round of applause for the genius behind the story.
eccentric clapping from around the virtual cyber room thingy


I’m not sure, I have to look really close, but I think I can see the underside of my netbook bending outwards when I load this .blend. :stuck_out_tongue:

'Fraid I can’t help you… the game takes over 20 seconds to load up.

Awesome dude :slight_smile: Now go texture it! XD Also you might want to remove the doubles on your trees :slight_smile:

I’m modeling a lizard man at the moment, and can do some decent spaceships as well. But what kind of gameplay are you aiming for, and what genre? Fantasy? Mystery? Horror? I’m pretty good with story lines as well please read and get back to me on it.

And I will tell you, I can’t texture at the moment, but I’m working on it, at this point I can only model decently. I’ll get back to you and hopefully post some more stuff in a bit.

I can try to texture some of the stuff if you want just pass them over :slight_smile:

yavorh, do you want to practice by joining my game project?

Heres the stuff I have, to give you an idea of what I can do.


I downloaded the blend, and I can’t see anything, there’s no light.

Nvm, sorry :), I cant even finnish my own works ( been stuck on a character rigging for the whole day :frowning: ) but thanks :slight_smile:

Hello: Thats really high poly and dark, i can hardly rotate the mouse and i cant see anything :S You better work it lower poly. You have some good mapping skills though :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good and runs smoothly, but I think you forgot to pack textures and the sound file?

The only texture that I can see is the dashboard of the car. Maybe this one was packed manually and the city textures weren’t?

You could try to use File->External data->Pack into .blend file

Or place the .blend and the textures into it’s own folder and use File->External data->Make paths relative then zip the folder for download.

A pretty fast way I found for moving all the textures and stuff into the same folder is to pack the data as above then unpack the files to the location you want them to go rather than moving/copying them all by hand. If you use relative paths after this then it should point to the same folder instead of pointing to relative places on your hard drive.

person with a dividedspleen: i read it and it is quite diverting, you are as good as you say you are. plus i can’t help but notice your modesty, your are very good at modeling:yes:. and it is a ‘sandbox’ i think, its sorta gonna be like GTA.

Raiderium: it takes longer on mine but still works pretty well. and i ain’t payin’ for damage to “netbook”:confused:.

John_tgh: yes it is awesome, but it is textured and i’m not sure wat you mean 'bout doubled trees:o.

FunkyWyrm: I do know how to pack stuff i just forgot, and the sound i just got from Spewboy’s new car lose wheels thing.

and to make it less jerky select only layer 1 cause the trees are on layer 4 and i have layers 1,2 and 4 selected.

Maybe I can make a model or two for you (hey, it’s a little rime! :D). I can model almost anything, but birds are my speciality. Here’s a picture of a cat alien I made for the deadman’s frag project.


I have a decent sniper rifle I could work up, and I can probably make some more guns, but let’s have a storyline first. Open world games are fun, and have variety, but we need an underlying story to back our main dude up. Is he a hired gun, a hitman, a bodyguard? Or just a normal pedestrian caught up in a gang war?

This doesn’t even neccassarily need to take place on earth. I read this short story one time about a city in an earth like world where everything was similar, and this city was fighting a war for so long everyone forgot why they were fighting. But the main character gets everyone to stop fighting, but during a peace parade, explosions go off and the two sides blame each other. The main character learns from a friend in this world’s version of the red cross that the read cross set the explosions to start the war again. They’ve kept this war going to study it, they say war is a disease, and the best way to fight it is to study it and keep it alive. The red cross dude says that all the weapons and war thingies in the world have been sent to this city, and the rest of the world has been enjoying peace for decades.
Now this irks the main dude, cause two of his family member (can’t remember much about them except that one was eight) were killed in the explosions. So he kills the red cross dude and the story ends with visions of a world ripe for plucking to invade.

so, this game wouldn’t be about the sequal, invading the world, thats more RTS than open world, but it could be about the city before the war, and how the war started.

Just throwing ideas out, if you have any idea on what you want your storyline to be, throw it out, I can make it more fleshy and alive.

There is a theorie about worlds in atoms. According to the theorie, there is a word like ours hidden in each atom, but they all have a tiny difference. For example, in the "big"world, you have brown hair, but in one of the atom worlds, it’s red and in another atom world it’s blue! You can mix this with the story of the matrix. Here’s my idea of the storyline:

The main character lives an ordinairy life. One day he meets a clone of itself. The clone tells the atom theory to him and that the main character lives in one of the atom worlds. THe main character founds a way to get to the other atom worlds and travels between them, looking for quests, friends and land to explore.

With this story, you can create some very weird but original surrealistic levels.

thnx for your input guys its greatly appreciated, but i was thinking maybe high-jacking a GTA story and mix it with just cause and throw in a bit of our own to spice it up.

Maybe an ex-military officer flees to America to start fresh. and comes across work for a man that wants to free the city, and to do that the character must tweak the citys inner population and reach people in high gang places to overthrow the government, of that city.

but that just a template so you guys can help me work out the tweakings that the character does.

Doesn’t matter you didn’t use my story line: now I have a idea for a mod of my own game (sounds weird, doesn’t it? :confused:)

Doggie B: don’t feel bad. but that was pretty out there with that story, you and dividedspleen(that sounds weird) r gud at thinking up stories. you guys are so gud that i need you, PLEASE:o:o help a migit out.

What do you want us to do then, writing the story line?

help with the story line is all.:yes:

k fine. My anarchist mind is eager to write a story about someone smashing the state! I’m in! :yes: