'Project from view' UV mapping not lining up

Hi everyone!

I have this issue with just one of my textures for this scene. When I go through the usual steps and hit project from view, the UV map coordinates (lower window here) look perfectly aligned, but the viewport is saying otherwise:

Please excuse the shitty red ‘s’ texture I was just testing this method out! I’ve tried every wee checkbox on the ‘project from view options’ I also thought maybe it’s something to do with the material as the UV map itself looks fine, but that is literally as simple as an image texture attached to the output node- nothing inbetween. Have also applied all transforms to the object.

Thanks for any help!

Fixed this issue! For anyone reading this in the future. The object needed more faces for the UV map to grab onto- so I just added a few edge loops, re-unwrapped it and it fixed itself.

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