Project G

Last week i tested the “FPS template” and some scripts vor HDR, blur and other cool things.
I decided to make my own game (FPS) with the name “Project G”
Yesterday i started with the first Level.
In the video i tested only the wall texture an the reflections on the table.
I have a lot of ideas i hope i can make them real.

At next i´ll finish the room an model a new weapon.

Project G - Youtube

Here is a screenshot of the new operating table.
The table has 480 vertecs.

It doesn’t look half bad- but some color would be great, and there was some pretty bad texture distortion on the wall with the door (the best way to unwrap things like walls is project from view, ensuring correct polygonal proportions)

thanks for the tip

Here is a new screenshot with bloom.

Here is a new screenshot with bloom.



the last 2 weeks i was in vacations.
now i build a weapon for the game.
yet it is without a normal map.


The gun looks nice- maybe the handle and trigger guard are a bit thick?
Also, the first things that really stand out to me are the specular on the barrel, and the texture stretching- maybe a spec map, to reduce specularity on the darker parts? you could pretty much run the diffuse through the specular channel.

In terms of stretching, it helps to get pictures of other angles of guns, but if worst comes to worst I recommend hand-painting it.

i like this style

Here is a my new weapon with animation

Youtube - Weapon animation

I like it!
I’m really looking forward to see the finished product :slight_smile:


Is this realtime? Impressive

Yes, thats realtime.