Project: Gone Fishin'

still in its early stages and i dont wanna give away too much of it:

more to come in a few hours

i underestimated the time itll take just to model a decent looking fish. They shouldnt take up too much of the final picture so im satified with them.

More to come tomorrow, ive got some studying to do.

coming well! though the image is too bright and it could use some more contrast.

the walls of the fishbowl are too thin and the plants could use some subsurf, but i like the fish!


I think I might know whats going to happen…

lol i think there’s gonna be sittin some kind of small dude with a rod :smiley:

Nice start, but the fish look poorly defined shape-wise. Also, everything inside the bowl looks a little murky. probably accurate, but it gives the scene a washed-out look.


For todays fish on the go