Project Gooseberry: Blender is on the map.

Does anyone have any news on the status of gooseberry, the blender Feature film?

It is called project “Mango” and it is a live movie with Blender 3D used for VFX and the main objective it is “camera tracking” etc. Moust part of GSOC 2011 it is the “start of it”

The official start of project “Mango” will come at Siggraph 2011 , where Sintel will be on screen.

So you will expect like after that some news about it.

@Numarul7 - You’re basically right about Mango as far as I know, but there is also a Gooseberry which is planned to be a feature film. Beyond that no news from me.

Are there any official links to this rumor? It will be a major project if the foundation plans on doing a feature length film, considering the bottle necks that the smaller projects come across. Man power, computing power, devs, funds, I mean the foundation will obviously have to be working within a major studio for this to become reality, to be honest. So if there are any plans, could you post links, cause I can’t find em’. Though if it is a reality then good luck to the crew who get chosen.:evilgrin::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:

Just like the previous open movie projects, Project Mango is not going to be feature length (unless plans have radically changed since last I heard).

However, NerdGuru is in fact correct in noting that there is an idea for a “Project Gooseberry”, which would be a feature-length film, and is the only project idea so far that would be feature length. All other projects are short films.

Project Gooseberry is still just a vague idea to make a feature some time in the future. As far as I know there are not yet solid plans to speak of or any news.

  • as a side note, I read somewhere a while back that Ton was considering the idea of doing a full length feature that would utilize studios/talent from around the world, much like Durian did. This is all speculatory however, you’re talking years down the road.

Yeah, it comes form a Twitter post Ton sent.

Ton’s announcement.

I’m having a hard time imaging that a full feature would bring more benefits per dollar than an open short. Maybe the plan is to let it hit the cinema and make some $$ for the BF… How knows, maybe Ton has Pixar in his cross-hair :eyebrowlift2:

Let’s hope he shoots the gun.